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If you’re a longtime lover of Beaute Industrie, then you’ll know that each year, throughout the month of September, we host some pretty robust conversations around women’s mental health, driving awareness and much needed funds to our chosen charity, Liptember.

This year, more so than ever, the conversation is absolutely integral. 2021 was the year of ‘fresh starts’ and ‘new leaves’ that were ready to be turned over from the nightmare that was 2020, but the dire reality is, that nightmare is far from over.

The yo-yo effect of lockdowns being relaxed and then reinstated and the distance from our friends and families has seen the scale and weight of the mental load only increase. With female leaders in majority of our businesses also acting as multiple hat wears in motherhood, partner, sister, carer and therapist, the notion to ‘be everything to everyone’ has really affected the way we show up – as if life and business wasn’t hard enough, we’ve now got a pandemic thrown in there for good measure!

For this very reason, we’re happy to see September, and happy to celebrate Liptember.

You see, after months on end sitting in our loungewear and binging Netflix, September gives us the opportunity to get off the couch, wash our hair and throw on a little lippy for a good cause.

Now, you might think ‘why would I get glam when I have nowhere to go?’ And to that we dare you not to feel good when you look good! There’s just something special about getting glammed up when you’re feeling down. Sure; it might take a few procrastinating walks to the fridge and a bite of Cadbury to get you there but the effort of putting positive energy back into your day will be sure to light your soul on fire in no time.

You may remember our 2020 Liptember campaign which saw industry leaders apply their lipstick and this year is no different, we are charging forward with an even bigger campaign that we want you to be a part of! 

How do you get involved? Simple! Send us a video of you in your favourite lipstick with a one liner on something that is #RealTalk for example “I no longer allow others to impact my energy!” Or “Today, I’m focusing on me and me only!”. Whatever your #RealTalk sentence is, we want to hear it. Send your videos to @beauteindustrie on Instagram and we will put them all together in an IGTV special.

By encouraging #RealTalk, we can open up deeper conversations that allow for deeper connections and together, we might just be able to save a sister in the process.

While we understand it’s been a financially tough year, if you can, we encourage you to give generously to the Liptember Foundation by contributing to our fundraising efforts here.