If you’ve ever gone home to the people in your house and told them about a problem or situation you’re facing in the treatment room and they didn’t quite understand what you were saying or why that’s a problem for you and your clients, then you’re in the right place!

You learn, you create, you build and you lead – and when you do, you influence the people around you, including yourself and your clients, and the world is that much better for it.

Here, we support beauty therapists owners like you on your journey through navigating you through communication with your client, helping you hit your targets with your retail sales and boosting your rebooking figures.

With experience across spa, salon, skin, clinic, dermal and medical education, we understand that every therapist and client are uniquely different and should be treated as such.

With three flexible ways to gain the information, motivation, and education for the business and team, Beaute Industrie is here to support you through every step of the way, as much or as little as you need us.

Take a look at our free youtube channel to self study, our online team portal to boost retail and rebooking percentages or encourage your business owner to invite us to visit your space for a team development session.

Welcome to support you never knew existed, until now.

Looking for a place to study, learn and be re-inspired by the industry without the investment of signing up to a program or asking your business owner to enrol you into a course – then our YouTube channel is the perfect place for you!

We’ve filmed loads of videos, chats and interviews with Tamara and industry experts and educators and popped them over in one FREE platform for you to check in with at any time.

Watch anywhere from any device and be the best beauty therapist you can be for yourself, your team and your clients.

Wondering how you to build your client communication skills or overcome client objections when retailing and prescribing? Beaute Therapist speaks a therapist language that is easy to understand and implement in the treatment room through our monthly subscription.

One team, One login, Countless happy clients.

Ask your business owner to help your team increase average client spend, boost rebooking percentages and add to product basket size with Beaute Therapist, our online team accessible training portal.

Flexible, approachable and easy to understand retail sales has never been this simple!

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