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It’s not every day you speak with the calibre of entrepreneur that is Fiona Tuck.

An accomplished Business woman, Author, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Skincare Expert, Yoga Teacher and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Fiona has certainly ticked all the boxes of dream careers in wellness.

With a background and wealth of experience within the professional skincare industry, her journey and expertise travels through the likes of product powerhouses; Dermalogica, Aspect and Cosmedix, as well as being titled the (former) Managing Director and Co-owner of leading Australian skincare brand Skinstitut.

In 2018, Fiona’s passion of internal health and assisting skin conditions topically, drew her to create and found the brand of nutraceuticals, Vita-sol.

“Vita-sol has been on the back burner for the past ten years. It’s something I have always wanted to do, but haven’t had the chance, until now!”

The combination of her two loves; nutrition and skincare birthed the brand, which uses all natural, food based ingredients, to help to maximise health and wellbeing – with a particular focus on skin health.

Exclusively stocked to the skincare industry, Vita-sol has been included on the shelves of Dermatologists, Medi-spa’s, day spas, salons and traditional beauty clinics, who’s service menu focused on results based treatments. Bridging the gap between therapists prescribing over the counter vitamin supplements, and clients not being able to gain the correct intake of vitamins, Vita-sol can be coupled into the clients homecare routine, as a part of the post treatment prescription.

“Skin therapists can recommend Vita-sol, to accompany topical skincare. It’s supercharging topical skincare, to maximise the results internally!”

Internal health has been a topic of recent discussion, as 2018 saw the introduction of nutraceuticals partner with such beauty brands as, Kora by Miranda Kerr and The Beauty Chef by Carla Oats. The distinct Vita-sol difference being that it is free from heavy metals, chemicals, heat and more, which are generally used during extraction methods.

The range was developed during the internal health boom, with family and friends front of mind during the creative process, ‘I bought this product out to assist the beauty industry, but also to help family members, because there wasn’t anything out there on the market that I felt I could 100% trust, without additives or sugars.’ says Fiona. Vita-sol works by way of protecting the ageing process, preventing fatigue and providing the body with the nutrients it needs, to function optimally.

“We sometimes take our health for granted, and it’s not until we are not feeling well, that we do something about it”.

Along with wholesale product, live question and answer groups on social media and support materials to assist with prescription, Fiona travels the country, personally educating the young minds recommending the brand.

An expert in the field, a fabulous product and a great alignment with the beauty industry, we are pleased to be able to say, it continues to be one of our favourite products into the new year and we cannot wait to see what the brand has instore for the future of the industry.

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