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Direct from South Africa, Dr Des Fernandes, Founder and Scientific Director of Environ Skin Care joined Margifox Distributors this month for a series of industry events in Brisbane and Melbourne to celebrate Environ and the importance of vitamin A for healthy skin!

Dr Des Fernandes, who has spent the last 30 years researching skin, created the first skin care range to include vitamin A in high enough doses to counteract the harmful effects of the environment.

“Vitamin A became my passion from around about 1982 and I had been working with it since ’76, primarily for scars, however I ultimately found that Vitamin A is also effective for treating skin an array of skin conditions, because all skin concerns actually develop as a result of a vitamin A deficiency.

“Our challenge was to determine how to include high enough doses of vitamin A in our skin care products. With Environ we are able to treat the deficiency, which then allows us to target the individual skin concern,” Dr Fernandes said.

Dr Des discussed Environ’s latest innovations, the newly released Focus Care Radiance+ and Clarity+ Ranges. These ranges were designed to target and treat stubborn skin conditions such as pigmentation and acne. He also discussed how to effectively incorporate the revolutionary Electro Sonic DF Mobile Device into clients’ skin care regimes to maximise the benefits of Environ homecare products in Brisbane at the recently refurbished Howard Smith Wharves precinct, located directly under the Story Bridge, which made for the perfect backdrop.

Margifox Distributors is the Queensland and Victorian distributor of Environ Skin Care and Managing Director Margi Fox said she was delighted with the success of the events.

“I was so thrilled to see the passion and enthusiasm from our stockists, their knowledge is second to none and makes me really proud to work with such an incredible brand and to be able to celebrate our dedicated stockists,” Ms Fox said.

To wrap up Dr Des’s whirlwind tour, Margifox Distributors hosted an intimate social media influencer event on Tuesday 18th June to introduce new consumers to the journey of Beautiful Skin for a Lifetime with Environ Skincare.

Beaute Industrie would like to thank Margi Fox Distributors and Environ for the invitation and for the stunning location set up and continued dedication to results based skincare for the professional beauty industry.