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Yes. The end…Just kidding, but seriously, you absolutely need a blog for your business!

Why? Well we’re glad you asked! Here we are going to convince you that not only do you need a blog and why, but also going to give you ideas for your blog and show you the bones or template of a basic blog post. You’re welcome.

For our blog beginners, a blog is a piece of writing (short or long) that lives on the internet and shares tips, educational, how to or informative information about something or someone. For example, this is a blog about blogs!

You need a blog for your business because:

– Facebook and Instagram should not be the only way you target your clients

– The audience you have on social media isn’t yours, it’s Facebook’s

– Your blog makes Google recognise your business and makes more people click it

– Your blog will direct people to your website – that’s where your online booking system is!

– You can directly target visitors to your blog and show them other cool stuff like products, treatments and events you have in your space

– You can see where your audience is coming from (both geographically and from areas of the internet)

– You can connect directly with your audience (not some robot Instagram account in Bangladesh)

How do I even make a blog?

Your blog needs to live somewhere on the internet and your website is a great place to start! Most websites will have inbuilt blog pages or plugins to add, which will let you create a blog post with the click of a button.

If you don’t have a website you can too still have a blog through creating a really simple landing page with your blog content on it. We like Wix because it’s super simple to create, publish and post your blog in no time!

Don’t get overwhelmed in the process – a blog is literally just your writing, stored on a website on the internet. Nothing more, nothing less. Breathe!

So now you know why you need a blog and where you’re it’s going to live, here are some ideas that every beauty business can put on their blog:

– Skin tips

– Trending ingredients

– How to topics

– Demonstrations of application eg.Cleanse your face in three easy steps

– How food affects the skin

– Seasonal advice eg. Avoiding dry skin in Winter

– Exercise and t’s benefits for the body – without mentioning the word weight!

– Why drinking water is important for overall skin health

– Stretching post massage

– Makeup application tips

– DIY home care eg. Make your own lip scrub

I’ve never written a blog before, where do I even start?

Truthfully, you’re probably writing mini blog posts on your social media channels without even knowing it! Many beauty business owners put loads of time and effort into their social media channels by educating their clients on skin, internals and triggers that will impact their treatments in lengthy writing and captions. All you have to do is take that information, build on it a little more and viola! You have yourself a blog post!

For example:

Here is a post we put on our social media for therapists in reminding them to protect their body during their shifts by wearing supportive shoes, having the correct posture and rehydrating between clients.

If we took this post, filled out the body a little more with our favourite types of supportive shoes, stretches for therapists and the importance of hydration when treating, we would have an entire blog post ready!

If you’re absolutely stuck and don’t know where to start, we got you:

1. Start your brainstorming session.

What do you want to write about? What are you passionate about? What can you educate or teach others about? What do your audience want to hear about? What do you keep repeating to your clients on a daily basis? What are the most common questions your clients ask you?

2. Don’t get stuck in the details.

Decided what your post is about and create some blog bones. This is like the skeleton for your blog. The blog bones for this post was what is a blog, why you need a blog, where to start and some tips. Simple. Create headings and type your answers underneath!

3. Decide who you’re talking to and keep the content relevant. We talk to beauty therapists and beauty business owners, so our content (what we write about) will always be focused towards you guys – not accountants or lawyers!

4. Add some pictures.

It doesn’t all have to be serious long pieces of intellectual writing! It can be fun, upbeat and light hearted. Put photos of your treatment room, your product range, your team or even if you get super savvy, put videos of all that stuff too!

Like every good piece of writing, start with the start, take your reader on a journey in the middle and finish with the ending. Remember what your secondary school teacher told you in English class – tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them and then tell them what you’ve just told them.

I’ve written my blog, now what?

Great question! Once you’ve written your blog, share it on your social media channels. Post it to your Facebook, your Instagram, your Google My Business account, your Pinterest, your Linkedin – absolutely anywhere you want because it’s yours and you wrote it – yay!

Once you’ve posted it, write another one!

Google loves when you keep writing blogs because it shows him that your website is active and your audience is engaged with what you’re doing.

On average, you should be writing and posting one blog per week.

We suggest taking a little time out to create your blog posts, save them as drafts and then when you’re ready you can post them online!

If you write a blog and feel inspired to show us we would LOVE to see it and have a read! Post your blog into the thread in our Facebook group and our community will jump on board and congratulate you in doing so.

Have more questions? Feel free to comment below and we will get back to you.

Happy blogging!