Vital Plus

Vital Plus distributes holistic skincare to activate long-term skin health and salon success. Choose from exclusive brands that empower the skin’s natural potential for health and vitality. Our innovative and results-driven range includes GERnétic, an advanced corneotherepy that provides essential nutrition through the skin; Joomo, the world-leading microbiome technology; Nimue, a derma-cosmeceutical that treats the cause, not the symptom; Sequential Skin the latest gene sequencing technology to assess skin health; and Zinzino to test and treat Omega-6:3 for long-lasting health. Your salon requires more than our impressive, cutting-edge products to thrive, so whether you’re a start-up or inspired to take your business to the next level, we’re here to help. With no minimum opening order and no minimum monthly spend, we make it easy to work with the best holistic skincare in Australia. We also offer extensive and flexible training options, both in-salon and online, to help you up-skill and reach your potential education creates better businesses. Because we believe in big-hearted business, it’s our job to help you succeed now and in the long term. At Vital Plus, there will always be a real person on the line ready to listen and happy to help.


In person training, Online training, Retail, Backbar, Bdm support, Incentive program, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Sustainable

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