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You know a product has captured something special when you open the bottle and immediately become accustomed to the scent. Combine this sensory experience with the anti-inflammatory nature and results driven ingredients that is Dermatonics, and you have yourself one loyal customer!

A doctorate in Biochemist and true aficionado in the world of anti-inflammatory skin conditions, Donna-Lee Marcal the Founder of Dermatonics, is a breath of fresh air in the professional skincare industry. Focusing on true skin health via healing and repairing of the cells, through reducing redness and irritation, it was that which sparked my interest and need to put my own skin to the test.

Trialling the Dermatonics range prior and during the busiest time of the year, truly put the range to test. From November until early January saw my skin travel through a period of stress that comes with closing the year, influencing my healthy lifestyle and eating habits plummet dramatically. I can now only attribute the stability and health of my skin during that period to the range, as it was supported from all aspects externally, even if not from myself internally.

The Nutridermaceutical nature of the product means the range sits on the product spectrum towards the end of the cosmetic and cosmeceutical cohorts, however has a strong focus on providing the available nutrients required to achieve a true skin result, in being delivered effectively into the skin.

The Dermatonics range

The friendly welcome of the Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser to my mornings ensured I started my routine without the typically stripping sodium lauryl sulphate and other high sulphate ingredients. Waking to the scent of Moroccan Argan fruit extract, Aloe Vera and Calendula, was one I grew found of in my morning ritual.

My personal favourite, the Enzyme Exfoliating Gel, became a staple on my basin, as I created a pool of the product in my hand and applied with mask brush. Massaged into the skin for 3 minutes, allowed the enzymes to naturally desquamate the superficial cells, by way of proteolytic action of the pineapple, papaya and finger lime. Stimulating without scrubbing and polishing, this product is perfect for those of us with both sensitive born skins and environmentally sensitised skins. A brilliant in clinic addition for those wanting to progress from traditional facials into results based treatments.

Normally noticeable around the tail end of the year, the skin begins to break out with inflamed, bacteria filled lesions, commonly related to stress and change in eating habits. I found the Dermatonics Clear Skin Breakout Prevention Cream to not only assist with the present breakouts, but also prevent more from appearing. The texture of a light weight balm in combination with salicylic acid, clove bud oil, arnica, rosemary and ginger provided a warmth to the skin, without leaving residual flaking and dryness.

Newest member to the Dermatonics faily, yet fast becoming a cult favourite, is their Beauty Elixir. If a product has anything to do with slowing the ageing process, I am there. This high quality, luxe moisturiser is the last step of my nightly routine, allowing the skin to naturally restore and repair overnight during sleep. The self-emulsifying olio wax meant it didn’t leave a slick of product on the skin, and instead naturally melted into the skin upon application. The creative mix of antioxidising Kakadu plum, resveratrol and pomegranate became a fruit cocktail that my skin soon couldn’t live without.

Friends and family shortly started to notice that something was different about my skin, yet couldn’t quite put their finger on it. Did I have my hair cut, a recent skin peel or even change my diet, no, instead I put it down to the reduction of redness within the skin and noticeable ingredient change the skin took on.

The Dermatonics range is one which will continue to live in my bathroom, beyond the product acquired from this post. In an industry where we are frequently using invasive treatments, over resurfacing the skin and travelling down the pathway of injecting, it was refreshing to be able to use the brand and have the outcome as described.

Dr Donna-Lee Marcal was interviewed by myself on the Beaute Industrie Podcast, where we talk more about the range, her creative process and inflammation. The Dermatonics range is a clinic only distributed range, unlike many, who are currently taking on stockists for results driven skincare centres, spas and clinics.

Contact Donna here, for further information and tell her I said hello when you do.

As always, stay connected,

Tamara Shaw, Founding Director of Beaute Industrie