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In a market so highly saturated with skincare brands, it’s a rare and beautiful occasion when we meet those with rich and diverse brand culture, heritage, and stories to tell – so much so that it can’t be summarised in a few sentences or a simple ‘About’ page of a website.

With beauty industry clients becoming better educated and more demanding by the day, there are a number of boxes that you as a business owner, manager or practitioner should be expecting your brands to tick for you. You know that you aren’t just selling products within your spa, salon or clinic: you’re providing a journey, a regime, and to a certain extent, a lifestyle for your clients. Your brands should be as dedicated to you, as you are to your clients by providing regular training and education, support whenever you need it, timely responses to your queries, as well as research and development into new innovations and solutions to suit this incredibly fast-paced industry.

One of these brands is #BeautePartner O Cosmedics, whose reputation throughout the industry precedes it, and whose passionate stockists are completely dedicated to the range. This is reflected in the brand’s loyal stockists, who passionately voice their love and support for the brand in their droves throughout the beauty community, and even if you’ve never experienced the products yourself before, you know they must be doing something right to invoke such devotion.

We wanted to take this opportunity to delve deeper into one of the brands that ticks such boxes.

The philosophy


Founded by Maria Enna-Cocciolone, O Cosmedics is Australian owned and made, and takes pride in offering pure, clean cosmeceutical solutions, sourcing the finest ingredients possible. They are committed to keeping their ranges current and investing in research and development, incorporating the latest clinical data and using patented actives used in precise, functional doses. O talks to the cells via biomimetic technology that mimics the cell function and optimises its activity. Unlswfrike “feel good, smell good” cosmetics with insignificant levels of active ingredients, O uses ingredients that have a perfect affinity with the skin. Self-described as ‘Clean beauty for the Skintellectual’, products are formulated with the highest respect for the skin, with the unique brand values of skin health, skin youth, and skin confidence.

Originally created to fight the five major causes and their associated symptoms of ageing, including Collagen Breakdown, Inflammation, Glycation, Photo Defence and Oxidation, O Cosmedics is based on the principles of corneotherapy; its delivery system can be likened to that of a GPS tracking system which triggers cellular optimisation. For those concerned that ‘clean beauty’ can often mean sacrificing results, never fear – this brand is committed to putting products in the hands of therapists who will provide skin transformations to wow even the harshest critics and Instagram influencers alike.

Support in a crisis


One of the key things we have learnt from our Beaute community is that; as a salon owner or manager, one of your biggest frustrations is a lack of communication from brands. Whether you already stock their products or are enquiring for further information, it can be a real turn-off when you don’t receive responses back to your phone calls or emails – and that’s on a regular day! While we understand that this year has universally added a huge amount of strain on business, and many brands have had to cut back to skeleton staff to get through COVID in one piece, consistent communication and connection should be at front of mind for those wanting to continue relationships post-pandemic.

On the other hand, some brands have managed to flourish in the face of distancing. Quite opposite of being out of sight and out of mind, O Cosmedics has been ramping up their education for stockists throughout COVID, producing daily virtual tutorials with industry and business development experts so that partner spas and clinics could stay in the loop to maximising their productivity, refresh their knowledge with training classes and even help to improve their sales techniques and practical skills.

Open to change

Prior to COVID, like many professional-only skincare brands, O Cosmedics prescriptions had been strictly in-clinic only, with online sales prohibited. Once mandatory lockdowns set in and in-clinic purchases were no longer an accessible option for clients, the brand realised it was time to shift, completely overhauling their longstanding policies in order to support their stockists and allow for online prescriptions.
Allowing clinics to set up online stores with password protection to professionally proof product prescriptions, partners became tantalised with technology, relishing the brand’s pivot.
For those without a standing online presence, the team at O worked tirelessly behind the scenes to create unique clinic codes which simply allowed the client to allocate their chosen professional space during the checkout process. O Cosmedics would then send the product directly out to the client (goodbye running around hand-delivering orders!) and the nominated clinic would receive a credit of the wholesale amount, less a small handling cost.

It’s all in the testimonial

Feedback speaks volumes when it comes to the relationships built between brand and stockist, and speaks volumes on whether they’re ticking those all-important boxes for you. An exercise for you to try within your own business is to compose your own mock testimonial that you would provide your brand/s with. Would you speak proudly of your chosen brands, the education and training supplied, the consistent support they give you and the results they offer your clients?
If not, it may be time to consider your priorities for the relationship.Here’s an example of #testimonialgoals that you should be aiming for – 

The Beauty Base and INSKIN COSMEDICS have shared in each other’s dreams since 2013. In that time, over seven successful years, our partnership has grown from strength to strength and from partnership to family. To explain INSKIN in one word, we’d say AWESOME. Maria and her team are always incredibly supportive, going above and beyond to extend their support and encouragement of The Beauty Base across our entire business. From helping to empower, up-skill and build our team to establishing branding and cutting-edge marketing, training, and education second to none, sales support and sell-through, nothing is too hard or without enthusiasm and a smile. INSKIN’s support is felt by each member of The Beauty Base team and by our bottom line too! We can’t wait to continue to grow with Maria and her wonderful team for years to come. – Carrin & Steve, The Beauty Base

It’s important not to get swept up in choosing brands that are purely Instagrammable or on-trend, but too ones who you vet (like you would a new team member during recruitment) before opening the doors to your business. If you have found yourself wanting a little more support from your stocked brands or want to learn more about O Cosmedics visit www.ocosmedics.comor say hello to the team on 02 9712 8188.

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