Gain access to a year of support and opportunity for just $497
(that’s cheaper than a coffee per day!)

It’s time to get motivated, to amplify what works, to be progressive & proactive because when you learn, connect, build and lead, you influence the people around you, including your team and your clients, and the world becomes a better place.

We help you do this through Club Beaute, our revolutionary membership platform, which gives you direct access to the industry’s best business development, exclusive offers and supportive community. Anywhere, Anytime.

Being part of Club Beaute means you’re one of many like-minded aesthetic business owners
who take our industry and our business seriously.

Access to entire CLUB BEAUTE video library

Countless videos, lessons and learnings from industry tried and tested mentors – plus new videos added monthly!

Member-only discounts to online store merch

20% off all online store ebooks, manuals and Beaute merchandise.

Discounts on all Offline and Digital events

You’ll never pay full price to our one-of-a-kind Beaute events ever again!


Downloadable templates, spreadsheets, worksheets, forms and more.

Early Bird Access and seating to event tickets

You’ll be the first to find out about Beaute events and experiences before tickets get snapped up! (and we’ll save you a seat in the front row!)

Exclusive Feature Opportunities

Get featured in our monthly digital magazine, our weekly podcast or on our blog with articles written by our editorial team.

Exclusive BeautePartner offers

Access an assortment of qualified BeautePartner perks and discounts to help onboard brands into your business.

Team Beaute Support

Direct access to member-only support from Team Beaute (including Tamara Reid!) to help steer your ship!

Video Library

Every month we release two live virtual interactive lessons to help you upskill in everything from managing your money to mindfulness. Each session is full of practical advice and how-tos presented by industry experts and thought leaders. As a Club Beaute member, you get free access to EVERY video worth $19.95 each.

Save Time & Money

We know you’re busy with appointments, that’s why we have developed our accessible video library so that you don’t need to travel, attend boring conferences or spend thousands of dollars on an expensive coach or consultant.

Can’t watch live? Binge it later on, anywhere anytime as long as you’re online!

Member-only Resources

Take the hard work out of countless hours of googling or even worse, trying to create your own templates and documents.

As a Club Beaute Member, you’ll have access a world of downloadable documents, worksheets, calendars, spreadsheets, files and more all for you to implement into your business with the touch of a button!

A sneak peak inside CLUB BEAUTE…

“I’m so impressed and grateful too as a spa owner at the information and support available to me thanks to Beaute Industrie.
Just before I discovered CLUB BEAUTE I wanted to give up and throw in the towel, but when I discovered all this support and information I’m now more inspired than ever. I don’t feel so alone in business and can’t wait for the future in meeting like minded people who i’ve learnt from, that only want to flourish. You’ve nailed it and i’m so grateful!”

Bernie. R

Business Owner, Elevate Hub

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Club Beaute?

Club Beaute is a yearly membership, providing your access to Beaute Industrie events, video lessons, downloadable resources and more – all for less than a cup of coffee per day! There’s always something new to discover, watch, read or listen to, as well as member-only exclusive perks and invitations.

How much does Club Beaute cost to join?

Purchase your yearly membership upfront for $497

or opt into a flexible payment plan for $49.75 per month ($597 annually)

How do I cancel?

Once you’re in, you’re in for 12 months baby! No early cancellations allowed.

How much time do I need to dedicate to Club Beaute a week?

The more you put in, the more you’ll get out – like a gym membership (only we won’t tell you to stop eating doughnuts)! Some weeks you will be freer than others with more time to watch and learnt from the content, while others you may be busy with business and life and may not be able to make any time for it – the choice is yours!