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Leaving one year and beginning the next can be hard when your trading hours spill from Christmas through to New Years day without a break. Providing clients quality, positively charged treatments can be easily done with these small tips to make your space sacred again.

1. Clean your space

Yes, the hardest, but most rewarding part. Start here for the rest to seem simple. Grab some hot water, a splash of tea tree and a squeeze of lemon and go crazy on all surfaces and visible client areas.

2. Love your linen

No one likes jumping into a treatment bed with oil stained, heavy, yellow towels. Throw these babies out and purchase some fresh linen. For linen that is still salvageable, give them a good wash with a couple of drops of lime, lemon or eucalyptus essential oil to freshen the fibres and return to neural odour.

3. Declutter

If you’re a gathering kind of person, now is your time to hand over to someone else and go get yourself a coffee. Throw away anything that hasn’t been touched or used within the last three months. Old faux flowers, dirty tea pots, vases with stems in them all need to go.

4. Test your testers

Do they need a clean? Do they need replacing? Use testers like any client would by picking them up and trying them on the backs of your hands. If the bottle has seen better days, give it a wipe on the outside, and don’t skip the inside of the lid. If there is little to no product left, throw it to the recycle and replace. Testers are all part of the client experience, and every little touch point matters.

5. Tidy your staff room

Remove old targets, incentives and pictures that are blue tacked to the cupboards. Replace these with some pieces you might create during team building exercises and mantras that represent your business values. Old staff clipboards that have previous employees names on them and have been scribbled on need to go and should be replaced with new, on trend stationary.

6. Bring the outside in

We all know the benefits of having plants indoors, and these days there is so much variety to choose from! Throw out any dead plants, trim brown leaves or bring in new plants all together. Feel the space lift with natural oxygen and energy through the plants you choose. Lucky bamboo and orchids are almost impossible to kill if you’re not the green thumb you’d hoped to be.

7. Create an essential oil blend

Mix together an essential oil blend that you wish for your clients and team. Uplifting essential oils may be a combination of peppermint, wild orange, juniper and lavender whereas grounding essential oils are sandalwood, cedarwood, myrrh and cinnamon.

8. Have a team meeting

All people want in life is to be heard and validated. Create a team meeting around appraisals for 2018 and inspiration and motivation for 2019. Challenge mindset and reconfirm personal and professional aspirations and goals.

Cleansing the space is not just one simple light of a tea candle and voila you’re cleansed! It’s about high vibrations, the mood and aurora of the space and the energy of the people working in it. A cleansed space can do wonders for your business without spending big or spending too much time.