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Since its inception in the 1960s, GERnétic has paved the way for it what means to celebrate a holistic approach to skin health. In fact, the creation of the brand begins in a burn’s unit in Paris where leading French Cellular Biologist, Dr Albert Laporte, developed a formula that assisted the healing process of burns.


The formula proved to work exceptionally for accelerating skin regeneration and healing but also to enhance skin youthfulness and overall health. For the next 50 years, Dr Laporte would continue his research into how his formulations could be most effectively absorbed by the skin and the role expertly dosed nutritional elements played in the skin’s ability to rebuild itself. Fast forward to today and this philosophy is at the forefront of all things GERnétic.


Since 1989, the GERnétic flag has been proudly flown in Australia, excitedly welcomed by beauty therapists ready to discover one of the first professional skincare brands to hit our shores. The woman behind its Aussie introduction is Jacqueline Gaubicher, a pioneer of the GERnétic brand who has dedicated her career to helping therapists and skincare lovers alike discover the power of essential nutrition through skin.


Throughout the 1970s, Jacqueline was crafting her career in the beauty industry, owning her own salon in France by 1979. When she read about the innovations Dr Laporte had developed in the skincare realm, she experienced a GERnétic treatment for herself before becoming one of the first three salons to stock the brand. It’s safe to say that Jacqueline has truly been a GERnétic advocate since the very beginning!


Building a loyal GERnétic fanbase and continuing to achieve incredible skin outcomes, Jacqueline’s passion for bringing nutrition through the skin went from strength to strength. A true testament of this philosophy is a client result achieved during her time as a salon owner. Using one of GERnétic’s hero body products, Adipo Gasta, Jacqueline was able to manage acne breakouts on a client’s forehead.


With the product designed to balance and regulate the delicate digestive system, she was able to improve the client’s hormonal balance, address nutritional deficiencies and ultimately, clear the appearance of acne. If we observe today’s approach to skin health, we know the importance of the gut, otherwise known as our second brain, but Jacqueline herself has been practicing this approach for decades before the likes of beauty powders and elixirs!  


Fast forward to the late ‘80s and Jacqueline was committed to sharing these incredible GERnétic results on a global scale. Establishing Australia’s only distributor of exclusively holistic skincare, Vital Plus, Jacqueline, and Jean-Luc Gaubicher had relocated down under to become the exclusive distributors and educators of the GERnétic brand.


Personally training many therapists on the GERnétic difference, Jacqueline’s passion for holistic skin health and innovation has played an integral role in the career journey of many in our industry. Not many brands can say that decades later, many of those that sat in her classroom during those early stages are still proud stockists of the brand today!

When GERnétic stockists hear Jacqueline’s name come up in conversation, they can’t help but feel unwaveringly grateful for her impact on their career; not just for equipping them with industry-leading skincare but the confidence to treat complex skin conditions from the inside out.


From reigniting their passion, empowering them with the world of nutrition, to opening brand-new career pathways for therapists, Jacqueline’s renowned seminars are a testament to many therapists still proudly achieving GERnétic skin results with thriving businesses to match.


The things Jacqueline taught GERnétic stockists were without a doubt, decades before their time. Skincare

distributors in the ‘80s and ‘90s weren’t looking beyond the skin’s surface when treating skin conditions but for Jacqueline, it was a complete non-negotiable. Her innate focus on the body as a whole, not just the skin itself, has paved the way for a whole new era of beauty therapy and encouraged therapists to look at the skin as a living and breathing organ that requires the optimal function of its counterparts to perform at its best. Like the best skin results, this starts with a consultation.


The idea of mapping the face is undoubtedly a popular form of consultation in Australia and something Jacqueline and GERnétic have taught for the last few decades. What stands out about the GERnétic mapping experience is that not only does each area of concern on the face directly correlate to an internal imbalance within the body, but the brand is able to follow this up with an immediate GERnétic product recommendation that helps the skin to regain the nutrients, oligo-elements, and essential amino acids it requires to function.


With product collections dedicated to the face, body and bust, therapists taught Jacqueline’s method of consultation could proudly deliver on GERnétic’s belief that every skin should be treated individually and uniquely nourished. Just like Jacqueline in those early stages of her GERnétic journey, they too could address the body to effectively treat the skin.


Today, many of Jacqueline’s lessons on the role of nutrition and the gut in optimal skin health are leading the way we treat and consult our clients. Undoubtedly a pioneer of the professional beauty industry, GERnétic and this holistic skin expert are a match made in skincare heaven that continues to inspire and empower therapists across Australia to look beyond the external, nurture the internal and discover clinical outcomes like never before.


Congratulations on 30 marvelous years in Australia, GERnétic! Here’s to the next 30.