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Do you remember when you first started your business?

Now, be honest. Did you try to start up your business without any external support?

Perhaps you tried to build the website yourself or even dabble in a bit of Facebook advertising. Or maybe you spent hours and hours watching tutorials trying to master email marketing or developing a funnel.

Unless you have A LOT of time, it’s going to be challenging to become an expert in everything you need to execute the start-up of your business correctly. Often, we avoid spending time and money in the early days of business. Unfortunately, it ends up costing us a whole lot more in the future. We try to be a specialist in every field and end up feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

I know in my first business ‘I did!’  Let me share with you though, I certainly didn’t try that again with my second business!

Or do you believe – No way, I would never ask for help!!

Instead, do you say to yourself “I’ll be right”… then two months later you are in the thick of the mud, unable to get out?

The first 10 years of business I was ‘recycling’ back to the same place and left wondering why?

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