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One scroll of Instagram will prove that sunscreen is going from a neglected skincare staple to the beauty world’s hottest topic. The likes of SPF Queen Hannah English, Beauty Veteran Leigh Campbell and Dirty Boys Get Clean’s trending hashtag, #TodaysSPF, have all pioneered a surge in proper SPF application and ultimately made sun protection cool, like really cool.

Adding some serious sunshine (protected, of course!) to the SPF market is Sunny Skin. Behind the packaging of a pastel-lovers dream is the new kid on the block, Super Sun, that combines the power of broad-spectrum sun protection, blue light (HEV) filtering, UVR protection and a cocktail of antioxidant goodness.

We sat down with the Founder of Sunny Skin, Danielle McDonald, who shared insight into Sunny Skin’s multifaceted formulation, why all our clients need to be recommended an SPF product, and what inspired her to change the SPF game. 

The missing modern-day aggressor link

Sunscreen is just for sun protection, right? Wrong! We’ve all had the conversations with our clients about wearing sunscreen rain, hail, or shine but it’s important to note that protection goes so much further than defence against UVA and UVB rays but also the impact of our technology addiction.

Blue light (also known as High Energy Visible or HEV light) poses potential skin harm via free radical damage and oxidative stress. This alone can contribute to skin ageing, but blue light at a wavelength of 415-455nm, also has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin compared to both UVA and UVB.

This leads us to an abundance of visible skin degradations including the breakdown of collagen and elastin, hyperpigmentation, inflammation and ultimately, accelerated ageing. When we consider that many of us are on our computers, phones, and tablets alike up to 150 times per day, it’s no wonder our skin is overexposed to blue light like never before.

The intimate relationship between a client and their phone sparked so much more than a want but a need in Danielle. A facialist herself, she was finding that time and time again her clients were visiting her for skin treatments, only to return immediately to their phones post-treatment, unaware of the long-term damage.

After performing thousands of facials, I was observing so many prematurely aged skins. From pigmentation, dermal thinning to wrinkles, prematurely aged skin was so prevalent because of totally preventable sun damage”, Danielle explains.

The impact of blue light seems to be the often forgotten about element of premature ageing. Many clients don’t realise that both environmental pollution and the devices their eyes are glued to each day are significantly contributing to skin damage and taking away from the time, energy, and money they are investing in their skin.

On a mission to add that extra, often neglected layer of protection post-treatment, Sunny Skin was born.

Where sun protection meets complexion-loving skincare

Without a doubt, one of the key contributors to SPF products’ rise in popularity is formulators that are taking the daily essential beyond just protection and transforming it into a skin-nurturing product. On the contrary, we know SPF is still neglected by many clients who believe it’s behind their breakouts, a one-way ticket to reactions or leaving them with a greasy, white cast.

From a consumer’s point of view, many acknowledge the importance of sun protection but don’t want to compromise the likes of their makeup or complexion in the process. That’s where Super Sun comes in. Combining both a daily moisturiser with SPF 50+ protection, Sunny Skin’s Super Sun delivers a skin therapist’s dream – a sun protection product that clients will actually want to apply.

Sunny Skin’s 100% mineral formulation offers your clients SPF 50+ protection whilst melting effortlessly into their skin sans white cast. Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and of course, extremely protective against UVA and UVB rays, the Zinc Oxide in Super Sun holds its own but when paired with Danielle’s sophisticated blend of antioxidants, it works synergistically to protect, defend, and restore. She called this the “Multishield Ingredient Matrix” and once you read the impressive list of complementary ingredients she’s chosen, you’ll understand exactly why Super Sun has gained that name.

Tomato Fruit Extract is the hero antioxidant that Danielle has celebrated in Super Sun. This unique ingredient not only enhances the product’s protection mechanisms but leads the army of free radical defenders, in particular, those caused by blue light, infrared and environmental pollution.

This is then paired with a protective and supportive ingredient at every single level. The likes of Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Candelila Wax and Vitamin E all feature in the Super Sun formulation to generously nourish, smooth, hydrate and soothe the skin whilst strengthening and protecting the barrier with every application.

“I left out all potential irritants and health hazards including Chemical UV filters, fragrances, parabens and preservatives making it great for sensitive skin, during pregnancy. It is also a seamless take-home product post-procedure for clients that have just had their latest microneedling session, peel or professional skin treatment”, Danielle shares. At every stage of the Sunny Skin development, it is evident that Danielle has crafted her products for the industry, by the industry.

Think about all those dollars your clients have sunk into their serums, creams, and treatments with the goal of rewinding the ageing clock, removing unwanted pigmentation, and achieving the clear, glowing skin goals they’ve always dreamt of. They’re so focused on correcting the damage they’ve already done that they often forget that prevention is just as important.

In a country where our sun is strong, harsh, and unforgiving, it’s imperative that we’re sending each and every client home with an SPF product that ticks all the boxes for both them and their therapist and after learning about the Sunny Skin difference, I think we’ve all found the answer.

We’re truly excited to see the Sunny Skin movement in salons, spas, and clinics where therapists can help their clients fall in love with applying their SPF. At Team Beaute, we only apply SPF on days that end in Y, and we think it’s time you get your clients joining the SPF-Love-Club too.

To find out more about Sunny Skin, visit their Instagram @mysunnyskin or head across to their website