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Looking to up your average client spend, even if only by a little? Or maybe you’d like to bump up the average cost of your brow services? A humble brow product may be just the answer, and it could be even simpler than you imagined.

When you (or your team of amazing therapists) are in-salon sculpting your clients’ brows to perfection, are you taking advantage of every opportunity possible to recommend products, sometimes doubling the revenue from each visit? For many therapists, this is a missed opportunity, particularly in fast-paced salons where the aim is to provide an exceptional service then turn around the space as fast as possible, ready for the next client. When we consult and prescribe for skin, we are always sure to ask about the products our clients are using at home, whether they are happy with these, or if they would like to explore some new options that we believe would suit them. However when it comes to brows, most of us won’t take the same approach. And why not?

For those concerned with time, mere minutes added to the service could be all it takes to get most of your clients walking out the door with a product in hand. Creator of Fox Cosmetics and master brow trainer, Mandy Jeffery, says recommending a product for every brow client is a no-brainer, and will in most cases result in a quick and simple sale. “You can easily up your customer spend with even just filling in brows after any service. If you show the client how easy it is to use the products – on one brow – they very often buy which ups that client’s spend without selling, we are simply demonstrating.”

To get the ball rolling, here are a few questions you could ask your clients during their next visit – ask these during the service if you’d like to save time!

– Are you using any products to fill in your brows at the moment?

– How are you finding the results? (If they haven’t shared this with you already!)

If they aren’t loving the results of their current products, simply ask “Would you like me to show you some of our options?”

One you’ve completed your brow shape and shown them the mirror, say “I’m just going to apply some aftercare – would you like me to quickly fill them in with some *insert product here* before you head off?”

Not only will your clients leave your salon with better brow results, they will enjoy a more positive, holistic service and experience by being treated to personalised questions about their preferences and home routine – something they may not have anticipated when they booked in for a quick brow wax. We all know going above and beyond is the quickest way to a client’s heart, and the key to setting us apart from others in our field.

Chernae Silk from The Brow Bar stocks Fox Cosmetics in her salons, and tells us the brand is the secret to her success. “The best henna products and comprehensive training in our industry. We trained with Mandy in Henna education for our 10 salons nationally. If you want to increase profitability, up skill and inspire your salon therapists to achieve business and personal training goals, Mandy and her team are THE go-to experts in Henna Internationally.”

Fox Cosmetics was founded by a salon owner and brow artist Mandy Jeffery. With over 2 decades of experience specialising in brows, lashes and skin, Mandy set out on a mission to develop products with her own brand of secret science behind the ingredients used, which have successfully raised the industry standard in brow products. Delivering safe and gorgeous brow looks, professional products available include both semi-permanent or temporary 24-hour wear. Now one of the brand’s most popular products, Brow Henna took Mandy to the old-growth fields of henna in the heart of India, where she studied and learnt ancient methods of the art and developed the Fox Cosmetics Henna Range for beauty salons around the globe.

Fox Cosmetics also stocks a wide range of brow retail products for salons and clinics to stock, including their signature Brow Butters, pencils, liquid eyeliner, concealer pots, growth serum, brushes and taming balm. Click here to get in touch about becoming a stockist today!