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Teams, Business Owners and Brands alike all need a little inspiration, motivation and guidance from time to time.

Our remote and in clinic owner & team development sessions use a mentoring approach, completely unique to traditional consulting,

by creating a platform for real communication between each other, navigating client conversations, exploration of the industry landscape and a reset of expectations - all while boosting culture and community building within your business.

Book your complimentary Connection Call with Tamara to find a bespoke bookable service best fit for your business,

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November 11th - 15th

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"I cannot thank Beaute Industrie enough!

Tamara and the team have been a dream to work with.

They have played a vital part in growing my business to where it is today and

I couldn't be happier with our partnership.

The advice and knowledge has been so valuable and I am looking forward to working with the team again!"


"I cannot thank Tamara enough for all of her

support and expertise.


She has provided us with amazing insights and tips on how to better manage our business and our staff.


Highly recommended, both new and existing businesses can benefit greatly."