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Is your partner, friend or daughter a Beauty Therapist? Are you struggling to buy gifts for them this Christmas? If you answered ‘yes’ to both of those questions, then we have the perfect solution for you; our 2019 Beauty Therapist Gift Guide

Do not be the person to gift her another Sportsgirl shower cap or target brought pink shower gel that she will never use – instead be the person who she makes her instant favourite person in the room Chrissy morning opening up gifts she will actually love and use!

Suitable for every beauty therapist, the 2019 Beauty Therapist gift guide selects Aussie made and owned gifts that every beauty therapist can enjoy (as can your bank!) with a range of gift-giving options from $32 or $129. Take a look below and start shopping!

1. The sleeping beauty therapist

It’s not often we get excited by bedtime, but when it comes to LOVESILK eye masks, we developed a new love affair with our dreams. The LOVESILK eye mask is for every therapist completing twelve-hour shifts, the extended Christmas trade, those early morning clients and the late-night owls. Made from pure 100% mulberry silk, it protects both the skin from ageing and lashes from creasing. The perfect gift for the therapist that loves or needs sleep. Cost: $45 available from LoveSilk

2. The natural beauty therapist

She avoids Mecca, Dj’s and Myer because she is selective of which ingredients and chemicals she applies on her skin. Step away from the MAC counter and head to a Courtney + The Babes stockist near you! Courtney + The Babes products have been created from natural ingredients and essential oils, with the ethos of what you put on your body, should be as natural and safe as the ground it was grown from. They’re energy infused, divinely crafted and hand made with high vibrations. Choose from mists, diffuser blends, perfume rollers and more. Cost: from $32 available from Courtney + The Babes

3. The tan-a-holic therapist

There’s always one. The sheets are stained, the towels are stained, yet she is always shimmering in a golden glow, which makes her the perfect candidate to receive a bottle of Dark Souffle and Tan Dry from Miss M by Minx. The original queensland go-to glow in a bottle with combination of it’s newest cult product, Tan Dry (a natural tan setting powder) your beauty therapist friends tan will dry faster and last longer – every tanners ultimate goal! Cost: $60 available from Miss M by Minx

4. The makeup-obsessed therapist

 Just when you thought she had every makeup item possible, Jane Iredale has one more thing to add to her wish list. The very on-trend gold textured Honeycomb bag is the perfect on-the-go cosmetic kit with four hero products and complimenting colours of blush, hydration spray, rose gold fan brush and their signature pure gloss lip gloss. Taking all the hard work out for you, their ready to go packs cater to all price ranges and are sure to make you their favourite person this Christmas. Cost: $129 available from Jane Iredale

5. The creative therapist

If she creates, bakes, cooks and houses chef-like qualities, then The Beauty Chef Cookbook is the gift worth giving. From renowned gut health advocate, Carla Oates comes this stunning 150-page cookbook, filled with vibrant imagery and skin tips and tricks throughout. All featured recipes are gluten and dairy-free, with inspiration to start feeding the skin from within. Perfect for all those leftover ingredients in the fridge post-Chrissy day. Cost $49.95 available from The Beauty Chef

6. The goldy-locks therapist

Does your therapist friend care as much about their hair as they do their skin? Then you have a goldy-locks therapist in your inner circle, my friend. The best Chrissy present you can buy them would be none other than skincare aficionado, Rocccoco Botanicals. Recently launching into the haircare sphere of the industry with a dynamic duo every therapist needs, their Keratin Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner are free from typical skincare nasties that often cause scalp irritation, brittle hair and major skin concerns, sure to leave their locks long and lustre in no time. Cost $68 available from Roccoco Botanical


7. The healthy therapist

If she ducks the Tim-tams in the staff kitchen and pulls out her overnight oats and fermented kimchi at lunchtime, then a Vita-sol Wholefood powder is the perfect gift for this healthy therapist. Packed with prebiotics, sprout blends and certified organic extracts, this is the complete addition to smoothies, salad dressings, porridge or taken first thing of a morning on an empty stomach. Available in three flavours for different health benefits. Cost $59 available from Vita-sol

8. The holistic therapist

Get your crystals out, your sage burning and channel your inner self, because the holistic therapist is going to be beaming energy your way when you gift her the Rose Quartz facial roller and Gua Sha set. Made with 100% genuine rose quartz crystal, Gua Sha is said to house healing and grounding properties, while the action of drainage massage technique stimulates the lymphatic system and removes waste products from the skin. Perfect when combined with a night time oil application. Cost $49 available from Zove Beauty

9. The party all night therapist

If they’re out till midnight with work at 9 am then you’re looking at the party all night therapist. A quick brush of the hair, application of lipstick and a 15-minute eye treat from O Cosmedics will have her clients fooled this silly season! Unlike typical collagen eye masks which are generally soaked with ingredients, the No Baggage eye mask, has a name we love with an application we adore. Arriving dry and activated when mixed with water, results include +59% increase in moisture, -38% reduction in skin roughness and a massive -27% reduction of redness! An affordable KK gift, stocking filler and travel companion. Cost $32 available from O’Cosmedics

10. The therapist who has it all

One of our favourite reads of the year from resident therapist herself, Robyn McAlpine. Skinside out brings the intricate world of understanding skin and it’s functions to book form, in this relatable, easy read, filled with illustrations of cells and skin layers that every skin therapist will drool over. The perfect book to throw in your bag when visiting the beach, park or just lazing around over Summer holidays. Cost $38.99 from QBD Bookshop


There you have it, another year down, another Beauty Therapist Gift Guide, curated by Beaute Industrie. All the shopping has been done for you, all you have to do is share this on your social media channels, tag your family and friends and everything you have ever wished for is in your santa stocking come Christmas morning. Thank us later!