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Is your partner, friend or daughter a Beauty Therapist? Are you struggling to buy gifts for her this Christmas? If you answered ‘yes’ to both of those questions, then we have the perfect solution for you, our 2018 Top 10 Christmas gifts for Beauty Therapists.

Every time you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance, that’s why this gift list includes only Australian small businesses in mind. We love supporting Aussie businesses and want to keep that business owner on their toes this festive season!

1. The sleeping beauty therapist

It’s not often we get excited by bedtime, but when it comes to LOVESILK pillowcases, we developed a new love affair with our dreams. The LOVESILK pillow case is for every twelve-hour shift, the extended Christmas trade, those early morning clients and the late-night owls. Made from pure 100% mulberry silk, it protects both the skin from ageing and hair from knotting. The perfect gift for the therapist that loves or needs sleep.

Cost: $79 available from

2. The natural beauty therapist

She avoids Mecca, Dj’s and Myer because she is selective of which ingredients and chemicals she applies on her skin. Step away from the MAC counter and head to a LUK Beauty food stockist near you! LUK lipsticks have been created from natural ingredients and colour pigments, with the ethos of what you put on your body, should be as nutritious and safe as what you eat.They’re cruelty free, gluten free and nasty free which makes them good enough to eat and natural enough to gift. With three gift sets under $100, you’ll be spoilt of choice. Our favourites are the Gift tins, which comes with four colours, or the Cotton Duo with two colours and a cotton dust bag, meaning you don’t have to wrap a thing!

Cost: Gift tin $99, Cotton Duo $50 available from

3. The tan-a-holic therapist

There’s always one. The sheets are stained, the towels are stained, yet she is always shimmering in a golden glow, which makes her the perfect candidate to receive The Tan Towel from The Tan Merchant. The Original Tan towel is the perfect tanning accessory for saving your sheets and extending the life of a spray tan. Made with anti-bacterial, microfiber material and purposely placed pockets, tans will last longer and sheets will stay cleaner.

Cost: $40 available from

4. The make-up obsessed therapist

Just when you thought she had every make-up item possible, PressPlay Cosmetics is here to prove you wrong – while also making you the most loved person this Christmas! The smart phone sized, hand-held capsule, is an on-the-go cosmetic system that works around busy lifestyles. Build, customise and create your capsule with complimenting colours of foundation, eye shadow, highlighter and fragrance. Taking all the hard work out for you, search for their ready to go packs such as the Girl Boss, the Gym Junkie and the Mamma Mia pack.

Cost: $39 with additions available from

5. The creative therapist

If she creates, bakes, cooks and houses chef-like qualities, then The Beauty Chef Cook Book is the gift worth giving. From renowned gut health advocate, Carla Oats, comes this stunning 150 page cookbook, filled with vibrant imagery and skin tips and tricks throughout. All featured recipes are gluten and dairy free, with inspiration to start feeding the skin from within.

Cost $49.95 available from

6. The bronzed therapist

Eenie, meenie, miney, mo – which one will make her glow?! There are so many choices when it comes to tanning and bronzing products, but our favourite has to be, the Glow bliss and Rose Water pack from Miss M by Minx. Our two most loved products from their extensive range, is the self-tanning solution (perfect for all skin complexions), teamed with their rose and coconut water face tanning mist – an absolute must-have heading into the Summer season. Packaged in a functional zip-lock bag with complimentary tanning mitt, you’d be silly not to!

Cost $56 available from

7. The healthy therapist

If she ducks the tim-tams in the staff kitchen and pulls out her overnight oats and fermented kimchi at lunch time, then the Bestow Beauty Oil is the perfect gift for this healthy therapist. Packed with cold pressed, unrefined and certified organic seed oils, this is the complete addition to salad dressings, porridge or taken first thing of a morning on an empty stomach. Cost $54 available from

8. The holistic therapist

Get your crystals out, your sage burning and channel your inner self, because the holistic therapist is going to be beaming energy your way when you gift her the Gua Sha facial tool. Made with genuine jade stone, the Gua Sha is said to house healing and grounding properties, while the action of drainage massage technique stimulates the lymphatic system and removes waste products from the skin. Perfect when combined with a night time oil application.

Cost $29 available from

9. The party all night therapist

Out till midnight with work at 9am, you’re looking at the party all night therapist. A quick brush of the hair, application of the lipstick and a 10-minute eye treat from Pure Skinn will have her clients fooled this silly season.

These 24k gold collagen eye masks are soaked with ingredients a therapist would actually use on their skin (unlike other eye makes), such as hyaluronic acid, aloe extract, rose and vitamin e. An affordable KK gift, stocking filler and travel companion.

Cost $32 available from

10. The therapist who has it all

One of our favourite brands of the year, Vita-Sol and their cult product, the Infinity powder was always going to make this list. For the therapist who has it all, the Infinity powder gives them the addition of glowing skin, healthy cells and antioxidant support – a therapists dream product. Created by Nutritionist and skin care expert, Fiona Tuck, Infinity can be added into smoothies, sprinkled on yoghurt topped with fruit or even dusted over raw Christmas treats.

Cost $59.00 from