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It’s cold, mid-year and your Saturday nights are less bikini and espresso martini and more blankie and book with a glass of red in hand. I am with you my friend, and to help keep you warm in the belly and your brain stimulated through the Winter months, we have complied six books every person in the beauty industry needs to read – glass of red in hand optional!

1. The Forensic Nutritionist by Fiona Tuck

Grab a highlighter, a lined notebook and a pen because you are about to learn! Fiona Tuck covers everything you need to know about food and nutrient deficiencies while showing us that what you eat reflects on the surface and how to recognise it when it does.

Fiona Tuck, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and Founder of nutraceuticals Vita-sol, explores common food related myths, diets and fads. With shopping lists, Chinese face readings and simple steps to help you be your healthiest self, the book is a beautiful gift for all walks of the industry.

Top tip: Get into the kitchen and bake the Mini Raw Carrot Cakes on page 282

2. Are you ready to sell your salon? By Kylie-Ann Kobelt

A book that you cannot hold, rather an e-book made our top 6 beauty industry reads! Kylie-Ann of Solution Creator is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Melbourne based business coach and previous beauty business owner.

Having sold both her salons, Kylie-Ann found the lack of conversation around the sales to be isolating, thus creating this book for you all to apply when deciding if you should, or when wondering how to sell your salon.

Top tip: When purchasing the e-book, upgrade your knowledge by booking into a one on one, 60 minute clarity session with Kylie-Ann.

3. Fully Booked without Burnout by Elicia and James Crook

Massage Champions and power couple, Elicia and James Crook, share with us how to jam pack your massage appointment columns, create a thriving business and turn your passion into profit all while being free from overwhelm and RSI!

More than massage, the conversation turns to mindset, marketing and mechanics, ensuring you have prebuilt solid foundations and scaffolding for when you scale up.

Top tip: Take a moment to complete the pledge template on page 55

4. Red Carpet Experience by Helen M Gerasimou

With over 38 years’ experience as an advanced skin therapist and business owner herself, Helen brings to you her take on wowing your clients to increase your retail and retain your rebookings.

Each chapter resembles an element of the theatre from The Script (your offering), The Cast (your team) and The Diva (customer complaints) and finishes with a page or two of practical to-do exercises that will have your customers raving about your award winning service in no time.

Top tip: Complete the assignment on visiting other businesses on page 84

5. The Powershift by Elle Wilson

With her Facebook lives and quotes on social media it’s hard not to be inspired by Elle Wilson and nothing of that natures changes when you read The Powershift, in fact you simply crave more!

Not just for the beauty industry professionally, Elle takes things into a personal space by asking us to reflect on the things that matter to us the most such as our family, our partners, our dreams and our aspirations. This book will leave you reflecting on the stories we tell ourselves and will help you visualise your inner joy and discover where to find it.

Top tip: A beautiful quote to write down and place somewhere special on page 60

6. Skinside Out by Robyn McAlpine

The original Expert Skin Therapist, as she is more commonly known as across social media, Robyn McAlpine puts herself confessed ‘skin nerd’ knowledge into the pages of this piece. Skinside Out is an easy to understand, in-depth dive into the layers of the skin, cellular structure and even takes a look into cosmetics and sun protection.

Beautifully constructed with full colour illustrations and complete hardcover makes the book a educational read for even the most advanced therapist.

Top tip: An image worth laminating and showing ev

ery client on page 7

We absolutely loved taking the time to sit down with these books and read them knowing they were written by seriously influential beauty business owners. It gives us warm and fuzzy feelings inside knowing that we are supporting the industry one page at a time!

If you know of any other beauty industry related books that are must-reads, let us know in the comments below!