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We’ve put our butts through a lot over the years and I’m sure I vouch for many when I say it’s been a love-hate relationship. When these women celebrated the booty they’d been blessed with, rather than covering it up, they changed the game. It was like they gave us all permission to be okay with our own, not to mention redefined the peach emoji for life. Whilst body positivity still has a long way to go in our society, one thing is for sure. When you think of a divine derriere, you think of those women and secretly give them a fist pump of solidarity.

Now, you might be wondering what internet-breaking butts have to do with the professional beauty industry and I’m here to tell you… everything! Like any beauty trend across the decades, consumers want what their style icons have, and a smooth, peachy butt is no exception. The ever-evolving body positivity movement sees consumers going to great lengths to feel and look confident in their own skin and this includes visiting their go-to salon, spa or clinic for butt lifting, contouring and rejuvenating services. I dived deep into the world of booty treatments to find out what we could expect from a butt treatment and the brands that are giving us all the peachy vibes.



Many of us have come to know and love ourselves a DMK Enzyme Therapy facial. Looking like something out of Game of Thrones is worth every second for that post-treatment glow. Designed specifically for the body is their Body Enzyme Therapy, which like its renowned facial experience, works to revise, detoxify and snap the skin back into optimal condition. Fondly known as a ‘Buttzyme’ treatment, the Body Enzyme solution is applied to the backs of the thighs and buttocks to simultaneously contour and stimulate the skin to function at its peak.


During the Buttzyme treatment, the butt is getting a workout both inside and out. At a cellular level, the skin is purified – flushing and detoxifying excess waste and fluid retention. On the surface, dead cell build-up and debris is removed to reveal incredibly smooth and refined skin. Adding to the peachy goals is the Buttzyme’s ability to stimulate muscle regeneration and naturally firm and tone the skin. This makes it an ideal treatment for those wanted to tackle the likes of skin laxity, stretch marks, cellulite and post-operative skin. Whilst learning all things Buttzyme, I noticed some clinics were enhancing the body sculpting element of this experience even further, like The Beauty Company in Melbourne who has added on a body sculpting wrap to further induce detoxification and boost skin-firming outcomes.


Butt Facials

I must admit, I got lost down a rabbit hole when researching skin treatments that leave your derriere looking like an Original Glazed Donut. These weren’t just a mask and moisturiser kind of deal; they were full blown treatment experiences!


One clinic that blew me away was Iconic Medispa in Perth. They didn’t just offer a single butt facial but a whole menu of them! At this point, I thought to myself, what’s the plural for a menu of butt facials? A peach? As I read through their Booty Facial Menu and saw the likes of “Salicylic Peel Booty Facial”, “Hollywood Laser Booty Facial”, and the integration of technology like HydraFacial and LED, it was evident that team Iconic Medispa was all about the booty and we’re so here for it!


It goes without saying that concerns like breakouts (‘buttne’), scarring, pigmentation, redness and skin tags all occur beyond the face but not many of us remember to include our butts in our #SundaySelfCare routines. From seeing the countless pictures of Esthemax HydroJelly masks brightening up butt facials to the videos of invigorating exfoliation and massage, there were numerous moments where I realised myself that I’ve been neglecting the skin beyond my face and I have no doubt, many of your own clients would have the same response.


Although right now, we’re switching into ‘good trackies’ from our ‘home trackies’, warmer days are just around the corner and in a blink of an eye, we’ll be swimming in bathing suit promotions. When it’s time for your clients to ditch the blankets for the beach, they’ll want to look and feel their best and I can’t think of a more fitting signature facial than a booty treatment.


Booty At-Home Rituals

On the topic of skincare beyond the face, the at-home skincare market was quick to jump on the booty train. From masks, balms to oils, three brands stood out to me like the perky backsides their products were delivering.


The first is Bawdy, who believe in “beauty from the bottom up”. Describing their brand as ‘butt-obsessed’ and their Founder, a ‘Body Architect’, Bawdy hit the beauty scene to put some spank into self-care routines. Both their butt oils and balms hero both organically grown CBD and full spectrum hemp. Paired with the likes of Marula Oil, Mediterranean Brown Algae and Hyaluronic Acid, these products are designed to create firm and plump peaches. Where things got really exciting was when I stumbled across their Butt Sheet Masks. Bawdy’s sheet masks are shaped like, you guessed it, the outline of butt cheeks and deliver a big drink of serum to the area. Cheekily named Slap It, Bite It, Shake It and Squeeze It, each mask offers a targeted treatment in 10-15 minutes. It really gives a whole new meaning to slapping on a sheet mask!


Next is Megababe who are relatively new to the Australian Beauty Scene but have taken the US by storm since their development of Thigh Rescue and Bust Dust – two products dedicated to preventing and relieving chaffing. Created by Katie Sturino, one of the world’s leading body positive advocates, Megababe was born out of a desire to tackle ‘taboo’ body topics and provide consumers with a solution that left them feeling equally comfortable and confident.


That’s why it was no surprise me to when Katie launched Le Tush last year, an AHA/BHA butt mask designed to resurface and treat the signs of butt acne. The mask has since taken the US beauty world by storm and even made its way onto the coveted Oprah’s favourite things list.


I couldn’t talk about at-home booty rituals without mentioning Butt Gloss Oil. The name alone has me sold. Created by Muse My Skin, an Aussie skincare label, the brand was born with a mission to “make skincare purposely for your butt with a simple, clean, plant-based approach”. Butt Gloss Oil is a daily dose of vitamins and EFA’s designed to brighten dark spots, stretch marks, and reduce fat cells. The divine blend includes the likes of macadamia, avocado, jojoba, sweet almond, apricot and safflower to deliver all the glazed donut vibes.



Butt Lifting Technology

Body Contouring treatments are regularly at the top of aesthetic treatment wish lists thanks to their ability to tighten, sculpt and tone many of the most common ‘problem’ areas with little to no downtime.  Whilst it’s a no-brainer for clinics to utilise their body contouring technology for tightening and toning stomachs, arms and thighs, butt lifts are a treatment you don’t always see on their menus!


Many butt lifting treatments can combine the likes of radiofrequency, ultrasound cavitation and even cryolipolysis or EMS technology to work towards not only a fuller and peachier behind but smoothed cellulite and toned contours. This means if you’ve got multiple machines in your treatment room, there’s a chance you can be layering them to put the ass in kickass butt lift experience!


Linda Garner, owner of Instincts Skin in Sydney, equipped her clinic with the Onda Coolwaves technology to be able to target her client’s unwanted fat, cellulite and lax skin in single treatment sessions. Her first time introducing body contouring, and butt lifting, treatments into the clinic has seen her team and clients alike, thrilled with the results they’re seeing. “I saw client interest in body sculpting growing and then started looking for the perfect machine that would align with the clinic and its values. I wanted to be able to deliver our client’s body confidence with integrity.


Our clients have been so excited about the new treatment. They love that they can treat fat, cellulite & skin laxity simultaneously as no other machine on the market can do that. We were surprised once we launched it how many of them had an issue with some part of their body that they wanted to treat.


The results blow our minds each month we see our clients. We know the machine and science behind it works, but we still get mind blown every time”, Linda shared with me. What really stood out about my chat with Linda was her clinic’s focus on delivering body confidence with integrity. This wasn’t about who could be the skinniest, the perkiest or the most perfectly peachiest; it was about helping women feel like the most confident versions of themselves.


Thank you, Queen Bey, Kimmy K and all of your divinely curvaceous pals. You’ve not only paved the way for women to love the skin they’re in but invited our industry to be a part of the self-love revolution.


Be right back. I’m off to 7/11. All this talk has got me craving a Krispy Kreme.