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Ready, set, insta-famous!

Love them or loath them, beauty bloggers have made an unshakable impact on the beauty industry and their star-like power is boosting their following … and yours!

Names such as Loz Curtis, Chloe Morello and Shani Grimmond, once ordinary girls, are now common house hold names thanks to the internet. Combined, the three have a mass following with over 3.8 million subscribers via their Instagram channels and an even bigger following via YouTube.

Starting out in their bedroom behind iphone cameras testing and trialling make up looks, the three are now power players in the beauty blogger boom that has shone a light on the beauty industry.

Fast forward three years, the girls are using professional videography, getting paid for content, giving out break-up advice and influencing our beauty consumers.

With management giant Maxconnectors behind them, they frequently team up with both consumer and professional brands such as Clinique, Neutrogena, Tarte Cosmetics and now endota spa.

These beauty babes are influencing the consumers every purchase by posting their ‘fave products’ and ‘first impression’ selfies.

So what can we learn from beauty bloggers about running a successful instagram?

1. Post frequently – infact daily posts are completely acceptable!

2. It’s all in the time – post when people are most actively online, like after dinner time.

3. Stay relevant – watch upcoming trends, product launches and review where possible.

4. Get reposted – curate content that is visually stunning, therefore product companies will wat to use your image on their national pages, which means more eyes looking at your profile!

Do you have any favourite beauty bloggers that we should know about?

What makes you double tap that post?

Image via @lozcurtis Instagram page. Recent collaboration with endota spa Wellness College.