We believe beauty therapists can achieve high levels of retail and sales results.

Beaute Therapist is an extension of Beaute Industrie, run by Founding Director, Tamara Reid, and exists as an online learning platform for the professional beauty therapist.

​Beaute Therapist is about understanding the four key metrics of value, experience, service and price – while being able to move beyond performing average treatments, through to providing an exceptional client journey. We’re big on encouraging connection during consultation, and advanced conversations that create relationships and show how knowledgeable the professional therapists is.

​The beauty industry is evolving, as too are our clients.

A great treatment no longer suffices to be enough, hence our clients are demanding more from therapists with high expectations of service. Business Owners no longer have the time nor money to send therapists into the classroom, therefore we have created an online learning portal with interactive video content, in a flexible and easily accessible way for therapists to access.

​​Tamara’s style of training and conversation is black and white, there’s very little grey here. She gets to the point in a fun and easy to understandable way, which therapists find refreshing, yet adaptable to their own clients and treatments. Being a qualified therapist herself, therapists find Tamara to be approachable and influential at the same time

With team development in mind, Beaute Therapist is purchased by the Business Owner, for the entire teams use and access for a six month period from sign up

Anywhere. Anytime.

Enough is enough!

You don’t need to travel lengths, attend boring classroom training or spend hundred of hours out of the treatment room to learn and upskill.

Sales Made Simple!​

Thanks to our accessible online portal, you can now learn how to increase your retail sales, boost your rebooking percentages and smash your targets while driving to work, cleaning the clinic or walking the dogs!​

Join our online team training portal today!

Ever wanted to help your therapists to increase their average client spend, boost rebooking percentages or add to product basket size but didn’t know where to turn?

Flexible, approachable and easy to understand retail sales has never been this simple!

All the sales and communication content your team desires!

Run by community creator and communication specialist Tamara Reid, Beaute Therapist hosts interactive videos, scripts, techniques and examples with a relatable and refreshing approach to retail sales.
Course content includes:

Month One

Course Introduction:

  • How to make the most out of your membership
  • A message from one therapist to another
  • Downloadable presentation
  • Therapist Roadmap

Month Two


  • Making clients bookings
  • Introductions & First Impressions
  • Therapist Presentation Standards
  • Meeting & Greeting
  • Conscious Calling

Month Three


  • Client consultation connection points
  • Asking open ended questions
  • How to: Diagnosis
  • Diagnosis and educational scripts
  • Performing a treatment with grace and presence

Month Four


  • Learn how to relate the clients concern back to their lifestyle
  • Advise clients product and treatment prescription based on their concern
  • Understand how to communicate pigmentation, ageing, acne formation, sensitive/sensitised and dry/dehydrated skin conditions
  • Downloadable diagrams

Month Five


  • How to close the treatment
  • Connecting the clients lifestyle with their concern
  • Rebooking single treatments and packages
  • Understanding and overcoming money stories
  • Client objections and close options

Month Six


  • Why we need to listen and watch how our client behaves
  • The way we as therapists communicate
  • Understanding client communication styles
  • Client buying behaviour
  • Adapting to personalities
  • The 4 behaviour types

$95/m for 6 months

Top Features


  • 6 monthly modules covering customer services, consultation, education, prescription and rebooking
  • Retail and Rebooking Scripts
  • Educational Diagrams for download
  • The potential to increased retail sales, rebook a loyal clientele and provide exceptional treatments

One Space,
Complete Team Training!​

Register your business with your unique team log in and secure password for consistent upskilling, induction and onboard training in the retail and sales space of the professional beauty industry.
Your BEAUTE THERAPIST subscription includes
Interactive Videos with industry expert, Tamara Reid
Tried and tested, Tamara's education sessions are lighthearted and relatable for therapists.
Over $6000 worth of knowledge for one low monthly fee

For just $95 per month for 6 months you get access to over 6k worth of interactive video content and training resources.

Ongoing support and community
Housed inside BEAUTECADEMY, Beaute Therapist has its own online forum so you can receive tailored support.
A beaute-ful testimonial from Karla McDiarmid of Macquarie Medispa
Karla thanks the Beaute Therapist program for their ‘soaring sales’, ‘therapists confidence’ and ‘team learning’ transferring into their client conversations.
Created by the Director of Beaute Industrie, Tamara Reid
Beaute Industrie originally birthed in 2017 as a Facebook group of 15 and grew to triple figures shortly thereafter, proving the need for support and inclusive conversation. In April of 2018, Beaute Industrie rebranded and matured into an online business and tangible community for the professional beauty industry.

To date, Beaute Industrie has created progressive and inclusive conversations between business owners and teams, hosted National networking brunches and summits and currently hosts the largest B2B podcast platform for the professional beauty industry.


“The education and resources shared on this platform are always so informative, trustworthy, interesting and relevant that I will always come here first when it comes to beauty and business advice.”

Emma Condon

Remedial Therapist

“I had almost given up on entering the industry when Tamara saw potential in me and gave me the chance that no one else would. Like a sponge I absorbed everything she had to offer and teach me. My confidence and knowledge expanded and I learned many valuable lessons from her.”

Heidi Welsh

Studying Nurse Injector

“Tamara’s methods of consultations were so helpful, I went over my weekly target and made all of my clients feel a million dollars. Thank you for motivating and encouraging me as a therapist to grow I love my job!”

Lani Giovenco

Beauty Therapist


What is Beaute Therapist?

Beaute Therapist is an online membership that offers a variety of interactive video lessons and downloadable resources to increase retail sales, boost rebooking figures and communicate with clients on a deeper level.

You and your team can log into the Beaute Therapist membership portal and watch the content as it’s released monthly, whenever you want without a single distraction – all for one low monthly price. There’s always something new to discover, and new videos, lessons and scripts are drip fed every month!

How much does Beaute Therapist cost?

Watch the interactive videos on your computer, smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, laptop or streaming device, all for one low fixed monthly fee of $95 per month, for 6 months as we travel through the 6 modules. No extra costs or contracts.

Where can I watch Beaute Therapist?
Watch Beaute Therapist anywhere, at any time on an unlimited number of devices. Sign in with your Beaute Therapist account to watch instantly on the web at beautetherapist.com from your personal computer or on any internet-connected device, including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, streaming media players and game consoles.
How do I cancel?

Beaute Therapist is a 6 month membership and is charged on a monthly basis. Once purchased, the 6 month membership is non-refundable. 

How much time does my team need to dedicate to Beaute Therapist?
Beaute Therapist is completely flexible. Some weeks your therapists will be freer than others with more time to watch and learnt from the content, while others they may be busy with clients and life and your team may not be able to make any time for it – the choice is yours!

We suggest using Beaute Therapist when therapists are newly recruited into your business as part of your induction program, or making the most of downtime and client cancellations by allowing therapists to log and catch up on their knowledge.

Is there a support community to help my team if they need?
Housed in BEAUTECADEMY, is an online question forum for Beaute Therapist, where the Beaute Industrie team can support you and guide you through any concerns, questions, thoughts, feelings or feedback you may like to ask or have about the platform.

Use this platform as your own – tell us what you want to see or use in your business and we will create it!

What if I want more support?
Beaute Therapist and Beaute Industrie Founding Director, Tamara Reid is available both in person and remote for mentoring and development sessions with brands, business owners and mentors should you wish to engage in one-on-one support.
Affordable and effective online sales training, helping therapists gain confidence with client connection, consultations and recommendations, while increasing sales and exceeding client expectations.

Your business and clients can’t afford not to sign your team up.

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