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While it may be yours and your team’s responsibility to keep the products on your shelves moving, the activities your stocked brands engage in for their own marketing purposes can play a large role in the success of your retail, perhaps larger than you might think. No matter how on point your staff are at selling, the majority of buyers nowadays require around 10 different touchpoints before converting to a sale. This means your clients need to be exposed to something, talked to about, seen on social media, received marketing from, or heard about in some other form – up to 10 times before deciding it’s trustworthy enough to commit to. If your brands are out there elevating their word of mouth, exposure and reputation, it’s going to make your job a whole lot easier.

Today we want to talk about a perfect example of this – #BeautePartner Minx Tan. You may have already heard of Minx Tan for exactly this reason. The professional tanning brand has been in the industry for nearly a decade, and founder Monica Griffin keeps added value for clinics top of mind throughout everything she does. “Our vision is to keep evolving, to accelerate and improve our industry, and to keep our brand a community,” says Monica. “Our values are to earn business, don’t just expect it, and acknowledge and appreciate our partners and their customers.”

Rebranding is a big part of Monica’s strategy for Minx Tan, ensure the branding and packaging stays fresh, vibrant and current, and in line with the company’s style and ethos as it continues to evolve. “Every few years we like to update our look, whilst this is a huge expense, it has an amazing cut-through for our partners, it gets their clients excited about the brand again, we find that clients are purchasing more,” explains Monica. “Another way I see it is that fashion changes, so too should our look, we need to stay up to date and fresh. So the clinic wins and has a very happy client and we are happy that everyone is happy! Branding is a massive part of any business, I have learnt the hard way it’s not necessarily about what I like – our packaging has to appeal to a lot of people, it has to appeal to clinics and match in with their product areas.” We have to agree – although we know it is completely non-sensical for clients to purchase products based on their packaging’s aesthetic, unfortunately, there’s simply no stopping it!

Monica goes on to say “I really think that colours change as do styles like fashion – brands need to do this, it really does get stockists and clients excited all over again. Clients that may have never picked up the product before, purely because they didn’t like the look of it, then do! And because we don’t have any minimum orders on our self-tanning and body collection, our stockists tend to move product quite quickly so it is very rare that there is old stock left on the shelf.”

Speaking of brand aesthetics, do your brands’ marketing and imagery resonate with your clientele? Can your clients relate to the models portrayed in campaign images you display in your salon or clinic, or on your website and socials?

One of Minx Tan’s latest major successes was the launch of their new body positivity photo campaign in August this year. For years Monica dreamed of tanning campaigns using real women, so she took the plunge and sources a (gorgeous!) plus-size model to make her dream a reality. The feedback, says Monica, has been overwhelmingly positive. “Honestly it has been so heartwarming,” she tells us. “I receive daily messages on social media saying things like “thank you for using a real woman, I look just like her”, and the best one was “thank you for breaking the norms in tanning, I have often looked at the girls on social media from certain tanning brands and thought what does this show our daughters? Thank you for being brave and standing up to show real bodies and body positivity.”

Ensuring a positive connection between brand and client is the first step, but how about marketing and PR? What are your brands doing to improve their name and reputation outside of their stockists’ salons? Are they staying idle and stagnant, or are they engaging in the beauty community so that when clients walk through your doors, they have already heard of the products you offer?

Monica shared with us insights about her new PR campaign with creative agency MVMNT, as we know many of you throughout the Beaute community are always asking ‘is PR worth it?’. “MVMNT is owned by Grace Garrick,” says Monica. Grace was the number 2 to a very large Sydney PR firm until this year, and our initial conversation was centred around brand awareness for both B2B and B2C.” The spring roll-out campaign for Minx included gorgeous send-outs to key opinion leaders and media by way of stunning vegan cakes with edible flowers to celebrate the official start of #faketan season. The theme was “goodbye sun baking – the only baking we do is cakes!” This proved to be a great success, Monica tells us, resulting in numerous well-known platforms speaking about the brand, as well as several live interviews for Monica around women in business.

With all these things considered, how would you rate your brands when it comes to staying current, and doing their part to remain a popular choice for your clients? Since you do everything it takes to stay top of your game, wouldn’t it pay to make sure that your brands are doing the same? The relationship between brand and stockist is a partnership, and should always be mutually beneficial.

Chat to Monica from Minx Tan by reaching out via 1300 562 993,  or visiting


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