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Ever wonder why your therapists aren’t hitting their sales figures?

They’ve passed beauty school, have attended the brands product knowledge and have a wonderful rapport with clients, but for some reason the conversion isn’t happening. Enter Beauty Sale Mate to help you identify, boost and manage your therapist sales – in a modern way!

Beauty Sale Mate is a brand-new business to the beauty industry, however has a familiar face in Katie Lowndes (nee, Waggot) as she enters the operations of sales consultant in her own rhelm. You may recognise Katie through her work with therapists on an international scale, with her experience in high end day spas, product brands such as Elemis and sailing treatment room involvement with Steiner Cruise Ships.

Changing the scene of a traditional sales training day where the therapists are all out of the treatments and clients blocked out of the system for an external trainer to come in ‘can be an expensive way of training’, says Katie who also felt ‘the day of training can be quite intense for those who are learning, and often the content taught can be overwhelming’.

Beauty Sale Mate has modernised the way we train by holding online training sessions for times when ‘therapists have downtime and during client cancelations which it’s made to be easy, accessible and affordable’. Online training allows the flexibility of the therapist to take training into their own hands. Katie sees the therapists training ‘commuting to work if they get the train or bus!’, which would make the travel time to work so much more rewarding by having a boost of knowledge first thing in the morning.

Katie also has a consultant arm of Beauty Sale Mate where she ‘helps with business development, sales and processes of the business’ which brings her brand representation and extensive high end international experience to the table to encourage your business goals.

DiSC training, another way Katie gets into the mind of the therapist and client, is also taught through Beauty Sale Mate, by which Katie looks at the behavioural aspects of the purchasing experience to ‘understand what your own behaviour is and then identify others behaviour, to bring the most of yourself, employees, colleagues and clients’.

A busy lady, Katie has created a fantastic program which has already seen success in the few businesses that have jumped on board.

To find out more about Beauty Sale Mate or Katie, visit or head directly to Katie’s profile on our Member Community and connect with her.