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Ask anyone in the professional beauty industry who some of the most highly regarded educators are, and you would find our #BeautePartner Gay Wardle on the list time and time again. A businesswoman, coach, mentor and internationally recognised speaker, Gay has been in the industry for several decades, and is always looking for innovative ways to pass her knowledge on to seasoned practitioners and future generations alike. 

Gay has been particularly busy this year, on top of her regular speaking and lecturing engagements deciding to launch not one but two new programs: an online course catalogue, and an innovative shadowing program allowing participants to receive a ‘day-in-the-life-of’ experience with Gay herself.

“The shadowing program is a collaboration between myself and the participant which is based on a mentor/mentee relationship,” Gay explains. “The mentee is encouraged to stipulate focus areas that they would like to develop further within their own practice. A two-day observational program is then designed around these focus areas. The most valuable outcome of the shadowing program is that the mentee is able to embark upon their own self-development journey while learning from my extensive professional experience. The mentee explores and observes habits that will lead them to run a successful salon.”

Gay tells us the idea for the program was sparked after receiving consistent requests from salons and clinics to come and observe their operations and provide her expert feedback. “Although this is an effective strategy for improvement,” says Gay “I wanted to find another avenue that would further broaden the knowledge of those who are on their self-development journey. A shadowing program was the perfect option as it enables therapists to experience the operations of a clinic outside their own. The program also provides me and the mentee with the opportunity to focus on training that targets their individual needs.”

The action-packed day will commence with a check-in session between Gay and her mentee, where goals and focus areas will be discussed. Habits of a successful salon are then explored, so the participant can identify these themselves in-practice throughout the day. The mentee can then expect to observe the delivery of comprehensive treatments, derived from thorough skin analysis consultations. This is followed by a session on planning for future actions to ensure the growth of a business. The day is completed with a check-out session, including questions, general feedback, goals and clarity of next steps.

The positive feedback so far, says Gay, has been tremendous. “I have been overwhelmed at the response. Within the first two weeks of announcing the work shadow program, I was booked out.  I am now taking bookings for 2021. February is already filling up. I am so grateful that people are wanting to work with me.”

Gay tells us her second new initiative, her online courses, were also born through personal requests for further development and education. “I am really excited about my online courses as I am an advocate for lifelong learning and self-development. I have always felt privileged to share my knowledge at conferences, symposiums and training workshops, however these forums only benefit the attendees. I have always made myself available through other platforms to share information and knowledge with industry peers and I have often been asked to create an online course that is accessible for everyone. With our current society living in a digitally, tech-savvy world, it was the perfect opportunity to do just that. So, I launched my online learning program – Gay Wardle Education.

Currently two courses can be accessed online, with 6 more courses in the pipeline. The first two courses are:
1. Skin Anatomy & Cell Biology (32 units)
2. Pigmentation (24 units)
In terms of structure, each course is broken down into short units. All units contain a quiz at the end which enables participants to check and consolidate their understanding. Throughout the course, Gay is available to support participants whenever they need, and a certificate will be provided upon completion. 

Gay explains that her online courses offer holistic overviews of the possible causes of various skin conditions, and an exploration of effective treatments. “Studying skin disorders holistically enables the clinician to achieve optimal results for their clients,” says Gay. “This is exciting as each individual skin is unique and a holistic approach targets this uniqueness. Online learning also allows the participant to learn through a self-paced program.”

These types of initiatives in education, created in direct response to requests from industry, clearly demonstrate our growing desire for knowledge and training. As leading practitioners and business owners, we are hungry for knowledge, opportunities for growth, community connection, and the ability to keep up with this fast-paced industry – and particularly our increasingly savvy clientele! 2020 has shown us it really is the year for self-improvement, so let’s continue channelling this into our practices and be the very best we can be – for ourselves, our team, and our clients.

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