Beaute Industrie exists as an online support community for the professional beauty industry.

With a French influenced name on the play of words ‘beauty industry’, Beaute Industrie is the feeling of being part of something bigger than four treatment room walls. It’s the chance to connect with people who are in business with the same thoughts, feelings, questions and queries as you in business and in leadership.

At the heart of everything we do is proactive consideration of our four core values;

Connection, Conversation, Community and Culture.

We ask ourselves before making any decisions, ‘will it create fruitful connections, house proactive conversations, build community and create positive culture for the professional beauty industry?’
Only when the answer is yes to all of the above, you’ll see it on our platforms.

We’re big on culture and are here to create a change. Free from negative competition and comparison so readily seen in the professional beauty industry, we create connections and encourage communication between business owners, brand representatives and therapists alike.

Leadership over management. Empowering business owners and teams means we speak the language of leadership and growth. Personal and professional development as well as open, transparent, honest conversations build trust within teams and longevity of employment.

Flexible approach to traditional coaching. We believe productivity, power of knowledge and freedom of limits promotes profit, not figures on back walls and micromanagement. We work by mentoring and inspiring the current, future and upcoming leaders within the professional beauty industry – not through lock in coaching programs and cookie cutter processes.

Exceed client expectations. Moving the industry towards not only meeting but exceeding client expectations, Beaute Industrie believes in a 5 star service which immerses the Australian client into a lifestyle of treatment, rather than seeing it as a one off treat.



For us, it’s more than just a job or an industry – it’s a lifestyle.

We recognise as a globally reaching organisation, that is our responsibility to be socially and environmentally accountable for the impact our services and work leaves on the people we connect with, and the environment we live in.

With respect to the land which serves us so generously, our business trades online to reduce our carbon footprint, delivers goods in 100% compostable Hero Packaging mailers, and retails only considered products like our Tote Bags and Reusable Coffee Cups, which are made from natural rice husk fibre and are BPA-free. 

Through our CLUB BEAUTE and Beaute Therapist online programs, we celebrate the loyalty of our subscribers by purchasing and planting a tree on their behalf, right here in Australia through our partner company One Tree Planted.

At your three, six, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four month milestones, an email is sent out to thank you for your subscription, along with a tree-planting donation made in your business name.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organisational charity who is on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. To date, they’ve planted 4,000,000~ trees!

By planting trees we can directly impact the air we breathe, water we have access to, increase the biodiversity of nature, increase health benefits and help the climate adapt.

Alongside our packaging partners, we too have an aligned association which supports the betterment of the industry through accreditation and auditing, The Sustainable Spa Association.

It’s time for us as people to start making proactive changes. We need to change the way we work, eat, move, live and act, in order to be a part of the future for the better.