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You’ve seen cryolipolysis fat freezing, and you’ve seen RF fat melting. But you haven’t seen this. Introducing a whole new modality – LED for fat reduction and body contouring.

We are so excited to introduce something very new, and incredibly groundbreaking from The Global Beauty Group: the new ReBorn device, which has just landed on our shores.

ReBorn delivers medical-grade fat-reduction in a whole new light with power LED technology, backed up by exceptional clinical results. Developed by Israeli-based medical researchers LightFective, ReBorn offers a completely innovative approach to non-invasive fat reduction and bodyshaping treatments that we haven’t yet seen before. ReBorn utilises a combination of optimised medical-grade LEDs and precision engineering to provide uniform energy distribution that not only results in comfortable treatments, but more effective results. Unlike other light-based technologies, some of which can suffer heat disparities of up to 60% across different zones of the treatment area, ReBorn’s patented light source is able to deliver consistent and even heat over the entire selected region. This means optimised treatment efficacy for the patient and superior outcomes for you (and your reputation!).

The device’s applicators are 250-440% larger than those on most other medical-grade body contouring devices, meaning you can cover bigger areas in the same treatment. ReBorn’s LEDs are hundreds of times more powerful than standard LEDs used in facial treatments, allowing us to reach a temperature that is 2.4 degrees higher in targeted adipose tissue than other fat-reduction technologies. You’ll still experience the same benefits of other leading body sculpting modalities, such as quick 30 minute treatment times, hands-free operation, and no per-treatment charge or hidden costs.

ReBorn targets fat cells that lie at depths of 5mm to 14mm beneath the skin without affecting the epidermis. The LEDs utilise a 940nm IR (infrared) wavelength, and can emit power upwards of 200W. The handpieces offer a 7x5cm² spot size with a semi-wide (80°) optical angle that is x1.45 bigger than competitors treatment applicators. Adipose tissue is heated to a uniform temperature of 42°- 47°C over a period of 25 min to successfully trigger fat reduction (or cell apoptosis). When the fat cells reach this target temperature, the cell membrane is ruptured to the point it can no longer survive. These cells are then transported naturally from the body. You’ll have the use of 4 lightweight ergonomic applicators when using ReBorn, which can target stubborn pockets of fat on most parts of the body including stomach, abdomen, back, hips, flanks, upper thighs, lower legs, and arms. Cooling mechanisms on each handpiece ensure the epidermis stays cool and the patient is comfortable throughout their treatment.

Treatment protocols generally consist of three half-hour sessions, spaced 4-8 weeks apart. Patients will see results within around 6-8 weeks, with optimal results visible 12 weeks later.

Designed for clinical professionals, here are the perks of this advanced fat-reduction technology in a nutshell:
• Medical-grade, patented LED technology
• Consistent and uniform energy distribution for optimal heat absorption
• 4 of the largest treatment applicators on the market
• Cost effective treatments with no consumables, disposables, or hidden costs
• Hands free treatments that leave clinicians free for other services
• Proprietary cooling technology to keep patients comfortable
• Fast and easy treatments with no patient downtime

…And here are the technical specs:

Light source: Power LED
Wavelength: 940nm (infrared)
Pulse width: CW
Treatment area of single treatment applicator: 70x50mm (2.76×1.97”)
No. of applicators: 4
Max. power density: 1.4W/cm²
Max. power output: 196W
Height (with control panel deployed): 131.5cm (51.75″)
Height (with control panel folded): 105cm (41.25″)
Width: 35cm (13.75″)
Depth: 52.5cm (20.75″)
Weight: 40kg (110 lbs)
Display: Full colour touch screen

ReBorn is available exclusively through medical, aesthetic and beauty wholesaler The Global Beauty Group. To book your demo and discover how the ReBorn can achieve your client and business goals, please call The Global Beauty Group on 1300 006 607 or visit