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Yesterday marked the media launch of a new beauty bible for skin lovers – Skinformation. Written by cosmetic chemist, founder of Synergie Skin, reputable speaker and educator and all-round expert Terri Vinson, her first book encourages readers to educate themselves on all things skincare, busting the latest industry myths and sifting through the jargon that often surrounds skincare products and trends.

Skinformation aims to take you to the next level of understanding and make you truly informed when it comes to the skincare industry, debunking current skin mythology and empowering readers to make smart skin choices. Terri covers acne, skin aging, enlarged pores and many other concerns, with scientific explanations of each and elaborating on which skincare products really work – and why they work. Key goals for readers include:

  • Familiarising yourself with the basic science of skin, including how essential skincare products work
  • Becoming an empowered reader of labels to avoid harmful ingredients and marketing hype
  • Improving your skin and guarding against aging with diet and lifestyle tips from a cosmetic chemist
  • Discovering the skincare routine that will work best for your unique skin challenges

Although predominantly written for savvy consumers, Skinformation is also a great tool for beauty therapists and other beauty professionals with a keen interest in skincare. “I see the book as a tool for anybody in the beauty industry,” says Terri. “I want to be seen as the teacher you want to talk to, not that really high brow science teacher. There’s a lot of science in there, but it’s written in that straightforward way, and I think it’s been in me for so long, it’s just something that I had to put down.”

Terri hopes initiatives like Skinformation will drive more women into science as they take a more scientific approach to skincare. “I love the idea of more women in science,” says Terri. “I think it was very stigmatized back in the day, a lot of teachers used to say ‘girls don’t get involved in science’ but now there are so many wonderful career opportunities for women in science. And for me – I am really geeky but I’m also creative, and the science of skin biology is incredibly creative, and when I’m formulating I can almost visualise what the skin cells are doing and I just love it. I’m living the dream.”

Skinformation is available November 1st via Dymocks, Amazon, Booktopia, Synergie Skin and some salons & clinics stocking Synergie.

As the inspiration she is, Terri leaves us with some wise words. “We’ve all got a book in us, we’ve all got our story to tell, whether it’s a book about skin or a book about our life. If you are completely passionate about what you do, you can almost achieve anything!”