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It wasn’t until 2020 that coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) became a factor of importance in the Australian professional hair and beauty industry as social distancing was announced, but by now, no matter where in the world you are, the virus has changed things. Here we look at how service based businesses are responding to CoronaVirus, and why you should continue to support small service based businesses through times of crisis.

1. Temperature testing

Most service based businesses have amped up their game when it comes to treating clients, in fact so much so they’re taking temperatures prior to treating clients and allowing entry. Temperature testing allows fevers to be detected, signalling the first symptom of the virus.

2. Sanitiser upon entry

When entering into a beauty, spa, hair or wellness space you’ll most likely have to sanitise your hands. Sanitisation upon entry kills bacteria and virus that may be on your hands from touching door handles, your face and even your car steering wheel.

3. Antibacterial as usual

It’s nothing new to the professional hair and beauty industry that cleanliness is next to godliness, and during times like these, cleanliness is the industry’s top priority. Apart from the usual wiping down of all surfaces and touch points between every appointment, antibacterial procedures have increased to including door and draw handles, light switches and even EFTPOS machines.

4. Soap is a superhero

Contact dermatitis is a regular occurance in the beauty industry because therapists already wash their hands too much. The purpose of a therapist washing their hands before and after a client reduces the risk of client cross contamination and bacterial spreading from one product to another.

Before COVID-19, a beauty therapist seeing 10 clients a day could wash their hands up to 12 times! Now, with more strict measures put into place, therapists are washing their hands not only between client appointments but in front of client for piece of mind.

5. Removing magazines and reading materials

Taking extra precautions during the pandemic has included removing reading materials such as magazines and books from coffee tables in client lounges and waiting areas. Common items touched by clients have been swapped for a chance to truly relax while you sip on your herbal tea waiting for your appointment.

6. Introducing single use crockery

Say goodbye to china cups and crystal glasses and say hello to paper cups – yep that’s right, a small but hugely impacting way the professional hair and beauty industry is keeping you safe during virus season. Helping the environment, most businesses has opted to use biodegradable and eco-friendly materials in their lounges to serve hot and cold beverages before your treatment begins.

7. Sterilisation of instruments

Nothing new to the industry, but well worth a mention, sanitisation. Instruments such as tweezers, spatulas, cuticle nippers and nail clippers are documented and placed in autoclave machines for sterilisation. An autoclave is a machine used to sterilise the equipment and supplies used in beauty salons for centuries now, by using high pressure and hot steam. Autoclaves are highly effective in killing 100 percent of all infective organisms.

8. Splitting therapists into teams

At a busy day spa or hair salon, there is the potential for up to 30 staff to be working at any one time, with 30 clients under their care during said time. By splitting therapists into two differents teams, the rotating roster allows for smaller numbers to be in the space at any one time and allows for staff to rest and recover between shifts, keeping them alert, healthy and rational during times of uncertainty, ensuring clients are looked after to the best of their ability.

9. Trading business as usual

In the world lately we have seen changes, scarcity and anxiety making it hard to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Beauty and Hair businesses have been a space of solace for many to distance themselves from the manic that is supermarkets and social media. Continuing to provide relaxing and results based treatments is one therapists and hairdressers are experts at, and times of stress change nothing about their ability to be a cucumber in a crisis.

Hair and beauty businesses need your support now more than ever before. Sanitisation and sterilisation have been traditional practices of serviced based industries for years – something they have to certify through their qualifications.

If you have reservations around attending your usual appointment, continue to spend with small businesses by purchasing a gift voucher for a future appointment or by stocking up on your skincare or haircare. Every cent counts and that extra bottle of exfoliant you buy could very well save a business.