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Inclusivity within the beauty industry should be the norm, but sadly, we’re still seeing polished and perfected images of ‘the typical Aussie girl next door’ in our feeds. If the last few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that societal beauty norms are finally, slowly but surely, being deconstructed. Makeup brands are expanding their shade ranges, skin campaigns are featuring conditions and types that have often been too farfetched to be included in advertising displays and models aren’t exclusively a size 6.

Beauty Business Owners, Therapists and clients are finally realising that achieving beauty isn’t solely dependent on results based formulations and influencer alignment; but too the brands they stock and support should and cater to people of all shapes, sizes, styles, races, ability and shades.

We’ve still a long way to go, but these 8 brands are giving us hope and leading the way in the Australian professional beauty industry.

Dermalogica Australia

Referred to as ‘the Number One Skincare brand across the globe’ for a reason, Dermalogica’s marketing campaigns have long included people of colour, models of age and highlighted skin conditions that we regularly see in the treatment room. You only have to click through a few of their platforms to see that inclusivity is a constant theme across web, digital and social focus for Dermalogica.

Minx Tan

Warned against her gut intuition and told; ‘do it and you will be the laughing stock of the industry’ and ‘people want to see bikini babes in tan’, Monica Griffin, Founder of Minx Tan went against industry norms and created the Summer 2019/2020 ‘real bodies’ campaign. Spraying the stunning Bel Morgan a plus sized model in their Minx Violet Sunset Tan, the pair lit up the Gold Coast (and our social media feeds!) with their body positivty movement.


New to the scene promoting core values of ‘science, conscience, beauty‘, Dermalist has been quick to make a name for themselves by aiming to revolutionise the professional beauty industry. Known for their minimalist three step skip-care range, and their authentic way of promoting inclusivity of colours, shapes and sizes across their brand, Dermalist has got the messaging right from the get go and is one to keep your eye on!

Jane Iredale Australia

The original mineral makeup brand, Jane Iredale’s campaigns and presence have been on point before the term even existed! Features of grey and red hair, freckles, wrinkles, scarring and burns, the brand has developed loose, pressed and liquid foundation ranges with over 26 different shades to help clients of all backgrounds and heritages find their perfect match!

Alpha-H Skincare

Sharing the reality of before and afters is something Alpha H Skincare is quite used to. Through their platforms they spotlight acne, pigmentation, stretch marks and other skin conditions clients are concern, with to show the importance of the skincare journey – not just the glowing, dewy destination!


The generally bubbly pink and purple influencer brand, Skinstitut has come to the inclusivity party and we are bringing our party hat and spotify playlist! Featuring real faces and fun times, the brand showcases smiling faces, bold lips, natural hair and somewhat of a skin sister-hood in their feeds.

Isle of Paradise

King of inclusivity, Jules Von Hep Director of Isle of Paradise and celebrity spray tanner, felt it was a no-brainer to include people of all walks of life in their 2019 #ownyourglow campaign. Speaking on the Shameless podcast with host Michelle Andrews, Jules recalls his clients feeling embarrassed about taking off their clothes prior to getting sprayed and regaining confidence post treatment. If you’re going to take a leaf out of a beauty brands 2020 playbook – it’s from Isle of Paradise!

DermHealth Co

If Isle of Paradise wins Prom King for inclusivity, then Marnina Diprose of DermHealth Co wins Prom Queen! DermHealth Co is the only service in Australia that brings specialised practitioners together on the same platform to support the health of skin after trauma, disease or injury.

With their signature graphics highlighting skin conditions such as vitiligo, ichthyosis and rosacea, while promoting body positivity, it’s safe to say that DermHealth Co is leading the way for skin, deeper than beauty.

Even though inclusivity is slowly inching its way into being the standard, we still have a long way to go in the professional beauty industry. Thankfully, there are incredible brands like these that are making inclusivity and diversity the pillars of their brand.

Here at Beaute Industrie, we too are forever learning from and turning to these brands for inspiration and education, with hopes of navigating the way we can show up, to represent business owners, brands and therapists on more fronts than we currently are.