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There are two types of treatments performed the beauty industry – average treatments and exceptional treatments. Average treatments are rarely rebooked nor remembered, an exceptional treatment on the other hand is shouted from the rooftops and has the potential to boost your beauty business.

We’ve put together seven essential steps to performing an exceptional treatment and client experience. They are

1. Booking

When clients are making a booking in your beauty space, they expect the transaction and booking process to be professional, made with ease and completed efficiently. Accommodating your clients’ needs and availability for treatment and engaging a high level of customer service during the booking process, is a crucial first introduction to your business. Beauty spaces with online bookings generally advance past others as high online traffic time is between the hours of 11am – 1pm.

2. First Impressions

Clients entering into your space should be warmly welcomed by a therapist or manager who presents to a 10 in presentation standards at all times of the day. Greeting a client by name, smiling upon approach and making a touch point between therapist and client like a simple handshake or touch on the shoulder breaks the ice prior to performing the treatment.

3. Consultation

Beyond asking the same questions we’ve always asked such as ‘Are you using a creamy or a foamy cleanser?’ or ‘How many times are you exfoliating per week?’, our consultations need to be asking open ended questions to engage a level of rapport and conversation with the client. We suggest questions beginning with ‘tell me’, ‘explain for me’ or ‘describe for me’. The types of questions explore the already asked questions on the client card and will have your client impressed with your ability to perform a new level of consultation.

4. Diagnosis

Post cleanse, every treatment (yes, every treatment) should have a diagnosis performed. The diagnosis is the time during the treatment where the client concerns discussed during the consultation are validated. Best performed with the lights turned up, a mirror in hand for facial treatments and a diagram for visual representation, the diagnosis educates the client on their concern, a treatment recommendation and a product which should be used post treatment to continue the results performed in the treatment.

5. Treatment

This step going without saying, however if performed incorrectly, all the steps up until now hold no merit. The difference between an average treatment and an exceptional treatment comes down to touch, presence and performance. How does the treatment feel, is the therapist connected to the client on the bed and how is the treatment performed?

6. Prescription

Different to the current sales scripts therapist are currently rattling off to clients at the front desk, the prescription is performed in the treatment room and is made that much easier by the product seed already planted during the diagnosis. By providing the client with basic ingredient knowledge being the solution to their concern during the diagnosis, the prescription part is a simple confirmation of brand, price and application.

7. Rebooking

Remember this old thing? One of the best things you can do for your column, your business and your clients, the rebooking, is often overlooked by the pressure of the prescription. The rebooking is where your clients concerns are going to be solved in a more timely manner, it’s where the hours of work give you a job, income enters your bank account and beauty businesses bloom. Ensure you’re showing your client the entire treatment package journey from the first to last treatment. Once a treatment package is performed, move your clients onto maintenance treatments as per their age.

So there you have it, our 7 step client experience, from the booking all the way through to the rebooking. Ask yourself, which of these steps is my team currently performing? Which of them could we revisit? Would our clients rate us average or exceptional, based on the above criteria?

Over the next 7 Mondays, we will be exploring each of these steps in more depth across the Podcast and too this blog, as well as giving you therapist scripts to take back into your beauty space and implement with your clients.

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