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One of the all time most frequently shared questions in our Beaute Industrie Facebook community is “looking for a good natural/organic skincare range for my business”. Natural, botanical-based and certified organic products have an undeniable cult following in this industry, as more and more business owners and consumers alike strive towards greener, cleaner choices.

Unfortunately, an air of confusion still lingers around certified organic products in Australia, and what this actually means. Let’s take this opportunity to clear up the mystery and separate fact from fiction when it comes to organics! ACO (the gold standard certification body) certifies organic cosmetics under the Australian National Standard, National Organic Program (USDA), and COSMOS standards, which are recognised as some of the most stringent organic standards for cosmetics internationally. Here’s a breakdown on the claims that a brand can include on its packaging under the standards:

  • If a product is 100% certified organic content, the label can state “100% certified organic” + bud logo
  • If a product is 95%-100% certified organic content, the label can state “certified organic” + bud logo
  • If a product is 70%-95% certified organic content, its label can only state “made with certified organic ingredients” and cannot use the bud logo
  • <70 % certified organic content cannot make any certification claims, and can only list ingredients as ‘organic’

Now that that’s cleared up, let’s cover a few reasons why our industry is loving certified organic skincare.

    1. No synthetics. Many consumers and professionals are comforted by the idea that their skincare is made purely from plants, and you have to agree, there is something quite spiritual, holistic and grounding about this concept! Now, this isn’t to say that original plant extracts are better than the synthetic alternative – bioengineering does allow us to replicate plant extracts so they are completely identical to their original counterpart. However, many prefer the original in all its fresh, plant-based glory – and that’s okay. It’s simply a personal preference. Knowing that products are also formulated with 100% certified organic ingredients also brings some peace of mind knowing the formulation does not include any artificial fragrances, which many are sensitive to and can even present with skin irritations or headaches in response.
    2. Ethical choices. This of course isn’t a hard rule that applies to all, but the majority of certified organic brands also tend to abide by other ethical and earth-friendly choices, such as no animal testing, more sustainable packing, even partnerships and/or regular donations to local businesses or various charities.
    3. They may resonate better with your clients. We know as therapists, some clients’ minds just can’t be changed, so if you have clients wanting certified organic products, you can try to talk them into alternatives until the cows come home, but if that’s what their personal choice is, you simply can’t argue with that. This is one of the reasons many successful spas and salons offer a hard-hitting, cosmeceutical-type range AND a more gentle, natural or certified organic range. You open your business up to a broader spectrum of clientele.
    4. Spa branding. If you operate a day spa, certified organic products often lend themselves to your branding. When entering a spa, many clients want a holistic experience that connects them with nature, and organic products match perfectly with this concept. You’ve probably noticed that clients will often connect with, and comment on, smells that are plant-derived, like citrus fruits, coffee or flowers. We all want to connect with nature that little bit extra.

organicspa was established in Byron Bay in 2007, crafted by a chemist and an entrepreneur with a vision. 30 years was devoted to researching and formulating skincare using natural and organic ingredients, and today, the brand is one of Australia’s most beloved professional spa ranges. The range has been designed to be both luxurious and effective –  a professional skincare range that will repair, balance and nourish skin without unnecessary and damaging ingredients. organicspa’s extensive range covers all bases with a variety of cleansers, exfoliants, and targeted serums to treat specific conditions from acne to pigmentation. All products are a minimum 70% Certified Organic (most being +95%, and all are 100% Vegan, Sustainable & Cruelty Free. Proudly 100% Australian made and owned, the brand partners with stockists around the country who shares their values.

organicspa also offers an organic solution to cosmeceuticals. organicsceuticals provides enhanced therapeutic benefits through potent formulas for demanding skins, creates results-driven facials along with body treatments for professional use only. These are chemical-free and use a potent amount of Certified Organic ingredients to nourish and restore a myriad of complexions.

Best of all? They meet all of the above – particularly #2. Some of our favourite initiatives organicspa engages in include biodegradable packaging, partnerships with local farmers, ocean cleanups, and regular donations to organisations like Australian Marine Conservation Society.

To learn more, visit organicspa has also been kind enough to offer an exclusive Beaute discount for new stockists. When you partner up with organicspa during the month of August 2021, your first opening order will receive 10% off, plus five FREE products to try! Mention this article to claim your discount and gifts!