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One of your biggest challenges as a beauty, spa or aesthetic business right now is to ensure that your clients are returning for regular visits. After months of COVID-19-induced lockdown, most salons experienced a massive influx of visitors desperate for their long-awaited beauty fix, stress-reducing spa or wellness treatment, or top-up of dwindling injectables. With this initial chaos behind us, now is the time to focus your attention on rebuilding those ever-important client relationships in order to drive repeat visits.

We are all still experiencing high levels of uncertainty around what is yet to come, from Sydney’s lingering dread of a second wave to Melbourne’s hope of reopening again in six weeks. During times like these, most of your clients will be hesitant to shop around, offering their support locally and sticking with businesses they already know and love. This is why building trust and rapport with clients should be one of your key focuses right now, as this is one of the main drivers in retaining client loyalty. You can do this by showing your clients that you understand and prioritise their needs, and always keep them front of mind.

So when it comes down to it, what does this actually look like within your salon? Australian Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) brand and #BeautePartner Payright has shared with us a few strategies for building this trust and loyalty within your business, and in turn, keeping your clients coming back to visit again and again.

Facilitate budgeting
The majority of Australians are either aware of, or already utilising, BNPL services. In fact, the latest Roy Morgan Research Institute’s digital report, released June this year and surveying a sample of over 50,000 Australians, demonstrates 59% of Aussies know of or use BNPL providers like Payright as part of their spending habits. So if your spa, salon or clinic doesn’t offer these options, particularly for higher cost services, you may be losing a segment of the market that just can’t afford to pay upfront – or would simply prefer not to.

Needless to say these are difficult times. Countless Australians have lost their jobs and continue to do so as businesses struggle to bounce back. Many of your clients may have also taken the opportunity over the past several months to assess their spending habits and evaluate what is really important to them. It is for these reasons that you should be keeping your clients’ financial needs front of mind, and offering payment services could dramatically aid your clients with their cash flow management.

And it isn’t just your clients thinking about cash flow. We know that as a business owner, one of the major discomforts during this pandemic is the fluctuating levels of bookings and retail sales – it is simply impossible to predict when there will be a spike and when you might suffer a downturn. An added benefit of BNPL services is the regular cash flow you will receive from your clients over an extended period. You can experience piece of mind from each one of these sales, knowing exactly how much you will be receiving and when that income is coming into the business.

Multi-packs and memberships
A great way to increase regular return visits is to offer multi packs, treatment plans or memberships on certain treatments that lend themselves to regular visits or maintenance treatments. These could include waxing, brow sculpting, spray tanning, body contouring, facials, or LED light therapy. The latter two should prove particularly popular post-lockdown, as many clients will be experiencing under-nourished and over-stressed skin that requires several treatments to kick it back into gear.

Clients love having options, and asking whether they would like to purchase upfront or spread their investment across multiple payments will, for most, offer a much greater enticement to purchase. For example, if you retailed a package of 12x LED light sessions at $70 each, $840 upfront investment is a rather large purchase decision for most clients. However, “$70 per month” feels like a much more reasonable investment and easier purchase decision.

For our dear friends in Victoria, thankfully a large portion of our community are committed to supporting small business throughout these devastating closures – be flexible with your membership/multi-pack expiration dates and we are confident these loyal and supportive members of the community will continue to purchase during the weeks to come for themselves or as gifts, and begin redeeming them upon your reopening.

Make payments quick and easy
The ease of use of your BNPL service could be the deciding factor for a potential client when selecting a salon or clinic, or help you build some serious rapport with your existing clients. Some BNPL services can take considerable time to approve purchases, whereas Payright allows merchants provide their customers with a simple two-minute mobile application process at the time of the transaction. Having a speedy process is also ideal for reducing traffic in your waiting room and facilitating safe social distancing.

Little things can go a long way, and it’s these small acts of putting your clients first that will make them want to continue visiting you for years to come. Remember – each and every client wants to feel looked after, and this isn’t just limited to inside the treatment room. Prioritise your clients and they are likely to repay the favour!

If you would like to learn more about Payright BNPL solutions or how they have helped other small businesses like yours throughout the professional beauty industry, then head on over to the team and tell them we sent you!


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