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Is your partner, friend or daughter/son a Beauty Therapist? Are you struggling to buy gifts for them this Christmas? If you answered ‘yes’ to both of those questions, then we have the perfect solution for you; our 2020 Annual Therapist Gift Guide

Do not be the person to gift them yet another Sportsgirl shower cap or BodyShop scented pink shower gel that they will never use – instead be the person who she makes her instant favourite person in the room Chrissy morning opening up gifts they will actually love and use!

Suitable for every beauty therapist, the 2020 Therapist Gift Guide selects Aussie made and owned gifts that every therapist can enjoy (as can your bank!) with a range of gift-giving options from $32 or $129. Take a look below and start shopping!

  1. The Skin Obsessed Therapist
    We all know one! They’re totally and utterly obsessed with all things skin. From the way they shop for groceries to the way they look at you in disgust if you even mention the words ‘apricot scrub’, they live, breathe and dream about skin. For gifting to this therapist, abort the mission of shopping centre sprees and head straight to Terri Vinsons website, add to cart the Skinformation book and enter in your credit card details immediately. Written by Cosmetic Chemist and the brains behind Synergie, Skinformation is a no-nonsense look into they way ingredients function synergistically with the skin – the perfect read for the newly graduated or the industry veteran. Cost $ available from Terri Vinson
  2. The DIY Therapist
    They’re even scrubbed, poked, peeled and cleansed that many times their skin resembles more of a baby bum than it does face. If this is the person you’re buying for, gift vouchers aren’t going to cut it, they want to DIY baby – because nobody performs a better treatment than they do – duh! Dust Globes hit the professional aesthetic industry with a vengeance this year after being left in the wake of Gua Sha tools and they’re back looking sexier than ever – the perfect gift for aiding in serum absorption and experience during an at home treatment. Available in a chic pink amethyst colour complete with flowing glitter liquid inside, these are the only gift that are guaranteed to make the gram this Christmas. Cost $59.95 from Salt by Hendrix
  3. The Zen Therapist
    This therapist is so chill that no even a fully booked Saturday afternoon client who shows up 30 minutes late could rock them! For the Zen therapist, we gift them the perfect home addition to aid their mood, a rechargeable battery diffuser complete with luxury essential oil of your choice. Not only can they get their zen on with the classic scents of orange blossom, lemon myrtle or chamomile, you can also go a little wild in your purchase with a fun scent like beach party, adventure or their famous whiskey bar oil. 100% portable with up to 20 hours between recharges, the Zen Therapist can get her cool on literally anywhere they please! Cost $150 from Scent Australia Home
  4. The Self Care Therapist
    Yes, they cancel plans with you merely an hour beforehand but their perfectly valid reason to put on a bath, light a candle and down a few tim-tams while watching Netflix is a perfectly good reason for the self-care therapist – it is self-care after all, right?! For this therapist, journals, crystals, affirmation cards and the like are already their jam, so extend the self-care aspect of gifting this year with a super thoughtful gift, the Mindfulness Candle. Burning in three key scents of Brave, Happy and Grateful, the Mindfulness Candles come with an affirmation script written on every box, aimed to set the intention with the flick of their flame. Cost $59.95 from Ginger & Me
  5. The Repunzel Therapist
    If she’s got the perfect bun that never gets a 5/10 on the wispy scale, then you’ve got a Repunzel therapist on your hands – or better yet, on your hair! Taming her tresses are the perfect way this therapist shows she’s got her shit together and takes pride in her long luscious locks with only the best ‘skincare-like’ products for her hair. The Fa La La La La Repair Kit from Evo screams Christmas cheer, comes in the most adorable little tree-hangable pyramid and is jam-packed with repairing rituals for the therapist hair who sees more hairspray than the movie itself! Cost $15.95 from Evo Hair
  6. The Conscious Therapist
    They sort their plastics from cardboard and consider the energy rating on the washing machine before choosing to wash in hot or cold water – enter the conscious therapist. Minimal, clean, most likely in monochrome, this therapist is decked out in linen and basics more than you can throw a Byron Bay boutique at, hence the perfect gift to match their insta-worthy aesthetic, the Linen Ritual Headband in Natural – of course! Created by creative herself, The Eve, this headband is the headband to end all headbands, ideal for glam shower sessions, Saturday market stall scrolling or simply capturing their ‘slow Sundays’ on IG stories. Cost $22.95 from The Eve Wares
  7. The Sleeping Beauty Therapist
    It’s not often we get excited by bedtime, but when it comes to Silvi pillowcases, we developed a new love affair with our dreams – as has our skin! The Silvi pillowcase is for every therapist completing twelve-hour shifts with faces soaked in Double Wear, the extended Christmas trade, those early morning clients and the late-night owls. It’s the worlds first silk pillowcase treated with natural silver, clinically proven to eliminate 99.7% of acne-causing bacteria, in just 30 days. Skincare that works while you sleep, literally! The perfect gift for the therapist that loves or needs sleep. Cost: $89 available from Silvi
  8. The Therapist who has it all!
    Their bathroom shelves are stocked with product, their wardrobe brimming with clothes and they’re they type of person that if they want something, they’ll buy it, therefore, this therapist is the most difficult to buy for. What’s one thing most people don’t have? A wick trimmer and candle snuffer. Sure, it’s a luxury item, but this therapist is a luxury therapist, after all! Ditch the cliche gift of a scented candle this Christmas because lets face it, if you’re going to invest in your favourite scent, you may as well take care of it so it lasts the distance! Avoiding candle soot around the rim and mushrooming of over burnt wicks, this matte black set of trimmer and snuffer is your go-to item for the therapist who has it all. Cost $19.95 from Palm Beach Collection

There you have it, another year down, another Therapist Gift Guide, curated by Beaute Industrie. All the shopping has been done for you, all you have to do is share this on your social media channels, tag your family and friends and everything you have ever wished for is in your santa stocking come Christmas morning. Thank us later!