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Feel that community vibe with a wider industry connection

Communicate with like-minded people who 'get it'

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Are you travelling along in your business feeling overwhelmed,

or perhaps you're feeling under appreciated and a little threatened by the 'competition' and want to feel a part of something bigger?

Your best friends, partner and family don't understand the intricacies of the beauty industry, there are too many coaches to choose from. You need a support team of people who have been there and done it, who have succeeded in business and who completely 'get it'.

That's where we come in!

Beaute Industrie exists for community and culture within the professional beauty industry.

Through our business owner & team development sessions, consulting Membership platform, National events and our podcast,

we create real conversations in your clinic, and for your clients, a flexible approach to traditional coaching.

Create better culture and community within your space, and rediscover the beauty business you've always dreamed of owning.

Be part of something bigger!



Are you ready to be inspired and motivated on your beauty industry journey?

Then it’s time to subscribe!

We serve to help connect business owners and therapists with inspiration from industry experts,

expand your knowledge through educational pieces and bring you the latest in product and technology innovation.




Looking for a business coach but aren't sure where to start?

Our four month interactive membership offers key developments across self, business, team and your clients journey, through 16 interactive videos and countless downloadable resources for you to travel through in your own flexible time and pace.


Take 30 minutes out of your week to focus on your mindset, boost your business, nurture your team and WOW your clients.



Teams, Business Owners and Brands alike all need a little inspiration, motivation and guidance from time to time.

Our remote and in clinic owner & team development sessions use a mentoring approach completely unique to traditional consulting by creating a platform for real communication between each other, navigating client conversations, explore the industry landscape and reset expectations, all while boosting culture and community building within your business.


Think coffee, connection and loads of conversation!

Our National events bring together beauty business owners and managers in a way that our industry has never seen before.

A safe, sacred space, we speak with industry leaders and experts to find out how they navigated the industry landscape and listen as they share inspirational tips on how you can do the same.


Help your team increase average client spend, boost rebooking percentages and add to product basket size with Beaute Therapist, our online team accessible training portal.


Flexible, approachable and easy to understand retail sales has never been this simple!




I'm Tamara Shaw,

Founding Director of Beaute Industrie and Beaute Business.

For the past 10+ years in the beauty industry I have travelled along through educational, business development and leadership roles connecting with beauty business owners, therapists and brands like you.


Through supportive conversation and meaningful connections I've seen first hand the change brands and business owners can make with themselves, their team, their business and their clients.


Passionate about creating positive culture within the beauty industry and building a supportive community, I'm bringing that knowledge to the beauty industry. 

I know you can boost your beauty business in many ways with the right tools, direction and motivation - freeing you from competition and comparison. 

So looking forward to meeting you along the journey.

Until next time, Stay Connected


Robyn McAlpine, Skintifix

"I am so impressed with the content and connection in Beauté Industrie.

Tamara is building such a strong, engaged community that I am loving being a part of.

Our industry has been missing a neutral space to unite where we can support each other and share our experiences to lift each other up. Thank you for the opportunity to connect with this community of like minded industry professionals who are passionate about creating a great future for those who are coming along after us."

Shelley Leone, DMK

"Beaute Industrie is exactly what the beauty world needs.

Someone to bring everyone together to connect, share ideas and ultimately grow.

Such an open, inviting and organic place to ask the questions and get non judgemental advice when needed."

Leesa dawson, The Uniform Stylist

"I can highly recommend Beaute Industrie to anyone in the beauty industry looking to share tips, offer support and educate other like minded souls. The podcasts run by the passionate Tamara and her team are friendly, fun and and informative.


They give all of us weekly insights into each facet of the industry - and as a uniform supplier, I'm overwhelmed by the welcome and support from the group members that I have met so far. Thank you for sharing your passion with me."


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