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“It’s been so awesome to be able to connect to so so many like minded women. I didn’t realise we were all other there!!! It’s been the most amazing time to have so much love and support for out fantastic industry! Thank you so much Tamara for helping us to be connected.”

– Kat Jurlina


A curated list of brands and businesses who supply and support the professional beauty, spa and clinic industry. 
Qualify your new brand partner through the way they provide training, their development and support, sustainability measures they’re practising, real-life stockist testimonials as well as gaining direct contact to the brand itself, right here in the B2B Directory.

Your online support community for the professional beauty industry.


Community is at the heart of what we do. It is a labor of love we infinitely share with you. From conversations and connections with the incredible people our industry holds, our community of brands, business owners, therapists and between are provided the place to be part of something bigger than four treatment room walls, immersing themselves in a supportive network, allowing you to rediscover that your purpose, passion and career pathway has only just begun.​

Welcome, to Beaute Industrie.



Creating bespoke presence and brand awareness through consultation for your industry specific business; person, product, education or brand.


Join a supportive group of like-minded business owners, brands and therapists who understand the practical role you play in the professional beauty industry.  


Move beyond performing average treatments, through to providing an exceptional client journey.


Create better culture and community within your space, and rediscover the beauty business you’ve always dreamed of owning.


Self-paced, flexible and affordable online programs to guide you through business development, leadership and protocols or increase your teams prescriptive sales skills.


Virtual events that provide you insight into business building topics such as Management, Policies, Marketing, Branding, Social Media and more!


A curated list of brands and business who supply and support the professional beauty, spa and clinic industry.


Consciously curated, monthly collated digital magazine. By industry, for industry.


Downloadable resources and tools to take into your business for ease of policy and protocol, as well as client communication.


Weekly insights and education from industry experts who have paved their way to a successful career in the professional beauty industry.


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